"We May Not Have It All Together, But Together We Have It All" -James L Mutter

"I may not be there each day for you...But in thoughts I'll always be, and when the time comes that you won't hear from me...I just hope that sometimes...you will just remember me."

In loving remembrance of James Larry Mutter, born in Milwaukee, Wis., March 12, 1960. He was a miner for 30 years with Rio Tinto America and came to work for Hycroft just this past year as materials manager.

He loved the life of being in the midst of cowboying, was a three time black belt in three different types of the martial arts world, where he instructed less fortunate kids for 12 years in the city of Palmdale, Calif. His smile was so embracing that it is a smile nobody can ever forget.

He leaves behind his loving wife Annie Mutter, five loving daughters, Kelly Jean Koleszar and son-in-law Billy, Brandy Jean Robles, Billie Jean Newton and son-in-law Travis, Jamie Ann Hart and son-in-law Warren and Jacqueline Christine Mutter. Along with this came 10 loving grandchildren and five great grandchildren and two in the making. James was preceded in death by his father Eugene Mutter, and was survived by his mother Beverly Mutter and mom and dad Brunner and family. He was also survived by siblings Jeannie & Michael Dziewa, brother Jerry Mutter, Randy and Margie Gilbert, Lorene Allen, and Gene and Patty Hampton along with all their loving families.

Jimmy has so much fun family and so many great friends that we just cannot list them all; however, we would like to thank the First Baptist Church and Pastor Stace Cupples for all their love and support. A big special thanks to our neighbors Pachi and Nikki Bengochea, Adia, and the rest of their clan. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Thank you Hycroft, Teddy Swecker, Mary Ellen, Travis, Sue and Dave, Wanda and Barbara, Cindy and Shauna Denny and Niki Mitchell and family, Shane, Maggie McNicol and family, Tommy, Jeannie Wetterman and family, and Scotty and Christy Richards. There was such an outpouring of love and generosity that I cannot say thank you all enough.