Lesley Jean Rice Luke was born in England during the end of WWII to V. Thomas Rice and Molleen Tate Rice. She grew up in Hawaii and married Bruce Ian Luke in 1970. Lesley greatly enjoyed teaching elementary school in Chicago for six years and then moved back to Hawaii to successfully manage her husband's medical practice.

Upon his retirement in 1998 they moved to Rye Patch and began gardening, a passion she continued, becoming a Master Gardener.

She continued her teaching passion by helping at the Imlay Elementary School. She enjoyed helping people and worked as a volunteer at the Lovelock Senior Center.

Everyone who knew Lesley benefited from her cheerful manner and generosity. She died Monday, Nov. 18, 2013.

She is succeeded by her husband Bruce, son Brian, daughter-in-law Angels, granddaughter Aubrey, sister Sharon and her family in Utah. A celebration of life ceremony will be held in her garden in springtime.