Olen Dwain Brown Sr.
Olen Dwain Brown Sr.
Love has a way of moving mountains, filling people with happiness, courage, strength, and comfort. Olen Dwain Brown Sr., was and still is a devoted and loving father, husband, brother and uncle.

Our father, Olen Brown Sr., is the most loving man with unlimited passion.  He is the light at the end of a dark tunnel and the voice of reason for hardships this family has faced and will face in the future. Looking up in the sky, we will know what to do because he is there and listening.

The greatest gifts he offered were inviting, warm and beautiful, spreading harmony throughout every member he dignified as family, touching their very hearts and souls.

Our dad is with God, amongst the ranks of the angels, looking down on us, protecting those he loved the most, family and creation. He is a child of God, and a man of many principles, expressed in the lessons he taught. The importance of his lessons to us, his son and daughter, should be known by all who knew him, to spread love, and honor with impeccable words to loving, listening ears.

The kindness in his heart is vast, as was his vision of the future for this family. He wasn't afraid to make others laugh in the hardest of times, speaking from the heart. His compassion for beautiful things is what made him divine and shine in life. He continues to give us strength to carry on and build this family, and our children will know exactly who their grandfather was in life, expressing the deepest joy in his memory as if he were already an angel on earth.

A father's love is something to remember for the rest of a child's life, because it will continue to exist. There will be no dark halls of mourning; instead there will be colors of celebration of his life, by the many who truly loved him.

My sister and I are very grateful to have been given such a wonderful, caring father who moved heaven and earth for us, and we wish he could be returned to us. Like he said in life, "it's not goodbye, it's I'll see ya later." We love you Dad and will always remember the lessons of love.

His passion and love for us, his loving family, loyal wife Debora, son Olen and daughter Teresa, was so profound, there's no other feeling in the world that stirs the soul.

He will always be the love of his wife's life. His high glory as a husband was set at the very foundation of his compassion and teachings of love and unity. He would walk into a room with light like the heavens, bringing smiles and souls together. Understanding his love and its everlasting pride, was truly one of the greatest contributions he brought to his world and heaven is a better place with him at its doors. He believed in the choices of life and creation through doors so its a comfort to know we will see him again at this final one.

His love truly reigns eternal in his children and I as his wife, along with his daughter and son, will speak of this to his grandchildren so they know who will protect them in the dances of life. The trinity of marriage is the bond between husband, wife and foremost God. It is the ties that bind and the information highway that allows us to learn, love, feel and be together.

Our choice to be together was a joyous opportunity, brought down from the heavens and made us who we were as a couple and a family with our children.

Until we meet again in heaven, "I love you with all my heart and soul."