Humboldt County's Commissioners will meet Monday March 17 at 9:30 a.m.

9:30 - Opportunity for public comment

9:35 - Administrator's report

9:45 - Treasurer's Office adoption of resolution for sale of delinquent tax properties and approval of the chairman's signature on banking service agreement.

9:55 - Request from Youth and Family Service for a waiver to the attrition policy for an administrative specialist position currently vacant.

10:00 - Public hearing on a nuisance complaint against property at 4715 W. Thomas Canyon Road.

10:15 - Request from 777 Barrel Racing for a $1,500 grant to cover arena fees for the annual benefit barrel race.

10:30 Road matters including:

Declaring vehicles surplus and authorizing disposal,

Award of the bid for a wheel loader,

Report on pending road department projects, and miscellaneous.

10:45 Request from senior citizens of Humboldt County for direction on whether to proceed with the 5311 grant application for a transit program including a possible letter of support and possible commitment for the match money on the grant.

11:00 Presentation by Robert Little, State Noxious Weeds Coordinator for Nevada Department of Agriculture and discussion of noxious weed control in the state and county.

11:15 Presentation by Washoe Legal Services regarding rural legal services, child advocacy, and senior legal services grant and request for consideration during the upcoming budget for a match contribution.

11:30 Adoption of proclamations for:

A. Child Abuse Prevenion Month

B. National Crime Victims Rights Weed April 6-1

C. Sexual Assault Awareness Month

11:40 Update from Western Nevada Development District

1:30 Final action on an ordinance amending Humboldt County Code to reduce the number of Humboldt County Hospital Board members from six to five; eliminating the trustee position which is appointed from the elected body of the county commissioners; providing for the filling of hospital board vacancies by the hospital board.