LOVELOCK - The Nevada Department of Public Safety's Office of Traffic Safety is urging Nevadans to be recharged, rested and ready to start a fresh year rather than spending your holidays incarcerated after making potentially life-changing decisions to drink and drive.

More than 25 law enforcement agencies participating in Joining Forces will be cruising the state's roadways between Dec. 13 and Jan. 6, targeting impaired drivers who not only pose threats to themselves, but innocent passengers and other road users.

Messages about the dangers of driving impaired are delivered year-round, yet the holiday season continues to be the most hazardous period on the nation's roadways for impaired driving. One reason is because of the number of holiday parties and celebrations.

Zero Fatalities offers these tips to keep the community safe:

• Consider a non-alcoholic party

• Designate sober drivers, not drivers who agree to drink less

• Hire licensed caterers trained to judge guests' alcohol consumption

• Reserve a block of hotel rooms

• Plan a safe and sober way to return to your home before going out

• If you see a drunk driver, contact local police by calling *NHP or 9-1-1

• If people you know are about to drive impaired, take their keys and help get them a ride with a sober driver.