Miguel Esquibel at the grill.
Miguel Esquibel at the grill.
Miguel Esquibel and his family have opened La Tortilla Factory at 597 W Winnemucca Blvd., inside the same building as Shell.

As the name of the business suggests, the main offerings are tortillas - lots of different kinds of freshly made tortillas. Some varieties include yellow corn tortillas, cactus, jalapeno, habanero and even sweet varieties like blueberry, cinnamon, banana and pineapple!

"The tortilla is our plate, our spoon and our food," said Esquibel.

In addition to the best tortillas in town, La Tortilla Factory serves "pollos asado," which is chicken barbecued with mesquite along with pineapple, citrus and chili flavors.

"We use only whole chickens with no antibiotics, no hormones and are free range. We marinate the chickens overnight with a family recipe and it is accompanied with a molcajete salsa and warm corn tortillas," he said.

Also available at La Tortilla Factory is Queso Fresco, a fresh cheese that is great for summer dishes because its a lighter-bodied cheese. It goes great in salads and as a meat replacement in tacos.

What does the Factory do with those fresh tortillas that haven't sold through out the day?  Make fresh chips and tostados! Enjoy with one of their delicious salsas and beans.

Chef and grill master Miguel invites everyone down to La Tortilla Factory on the weekeneds. "Most weekends we will have something grilling on the barbecue!" he said. Coming Aug. 17 and 18 there will be carnitas on the grill!

Stop by La Tortilla Factory today and try it all out! Open hours are 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., seven days a week. Call ahead for more information or to place a to-go order: (775) 455-6939. Friend them online at Facebook: LaTortillaFactoryWinnemucca.