The Seniors Meet and Eat is held weekdays at the Pershing County Senior Center, 630 Western Ave, Lovelock. The following menu is for the week of Aug. 4- 8

Aug. 28

Beef stew, mandarins, biscuit and honey, fruit cup.

Aug. 29

Croissant breakfast sandwich, pineapple, hash browns, grape juice.

Sept. 1

Center Closed.

Sept. 2

Combo pizza, 3-bean salad, peaches, garlic fries, sherbet.

Sept. 3

Beef tips, corn, pears, egg noodles, pumpkin pie cake.

Sept. 4

Roast pork, Prince Edward, applesauce, roasted potatoes, bread pudding.

Sept. 5

Fish sticks, green salad, banana, potato wedges, Snickerdoodles.