Probably all of us have a favorite good friend. Some have a great friend. The lucky ones of you have a host of good friends, maybe great friends. Well, maybe its not "luck" at all. You make good friends from hard work and dedication, and not luck.

I once heard a wise man say if a man has at least one great friend, he is fortunate. Think about it. Not counting relatives, how many people do you know who you would feel free to phone at midnight, to bring you gasoline, or come help you change a flat tire? Or maybe just talk to you, if you are feeling low? Now, how many of you have a "heavenly friend," and I don't mean someone in Heaven. I mean something residing somewhere out there in deep space, like the stars do.

My son Robert and I live in a new house in Linden. Well, its an old house (built in 1970) but new to us. My large room is on the east side of the house, and I enjoy the morning sun when its not cloudy. From my sleeping spot, through a large window, I see the sunrise. And the moonrise. Fantastic view.

A few months ago, I woke up, it was pitch black in the early morning hours. I was lying there, watching the dark sky, just day dreaming at night. Through the tree limbs, I saw a very bright light. My first thought, it was an airplane, but it was not moving.

A flying saucer parked out there, spying on planet earth, ready to pounce on us? Naw, I don't even believe in that junk. It has to be a bright, far off star, possibly one of those that's a thousand times bigger and brighter than our sun. I watched it for more than an hour, until it finally worked its way out of my view through the window. I felt a closeness to that shiny object in the dark morning sky. Then I dozed off, thinking of my new friend.

The very next night, it happened again. I woke up about the same time, there it was, a sparkling bright, flickering light, like it was talking to me. Starlight reaching me, searching me out, coming from where? It could be from our own galaxy, our own Milky Way, was it possibly from a far away star, one that doesn't exist anymore, one that died millions of years ago?

Yeah, that's possible, that my new bright and dazzling friend could be dead, just a black space where it once existed, light still traveling at 186,000 miles per second, coming to earth, still entertaining me, though it now does not even exist. Depressing. My new friend entertained me for many a night, and I thought a thousand thoughts about it, and it gave me solace, seeing it there every night in the night sky. Friendly cuss.

One morning it was twinkling brightly, and it was getting daylight. I decided to go outside, and locate my friend in the night sky from there. The view was different from there, as opposed to my limited view from my bed. Drat, it was the danged "Morning Star," and everybody, even yours truly, knows the Morning Star is not a "star," rather its a planet, Venus.

Its only Venus, a nearby planet that's not mysterious at all. You can go on the Internet and visit Venus. Read all about it, see all about it, up close and personal. Space travel, and space telescopes, have revealed all the mysteries of our Morning Star.

Now I'll have to find a new friend, one to replace my mysterious night time outer space dead friend. Hey, I'd rather have a real live earthling for a friend anyway, rather than a maybe dead one from deep outer space. Will you be my friend? Waiting.

• Two hunters were out in the woods and came upon a deep hole in the ground. It was so deep they could not see the bottom. They decided to drop a rock down the hole to try to determine how deep it was.

They looked all over for a rock, could not find one. Nearby was an old car transmission so they decided to toss it in the hole. They drug it over, tossed it in. About that time, a big goat came running and dived in the hole. They were amazed, and baffled, about the goat.

In a minute an old farmer came out of the woods and said, my goat is missing. Have you seen a goat? Yeah, we saw a goat come running by and jumped in that hole. Can't be my goat, said the old farmer. My goat was tied to a car's transmission.