I might be using "interesting" very loosely to describe the chaotic string of days we had here at Winnemucca Publishing last week, but unless you were here and part of the madness, you really have no idea what we went through.

First, we were operating without a managing editor. He'd run into some trouble with the law the previous Friday, as many readers already know. He was arrested while covering the scene of an accident; the charge is DUI, among others.

In the past we've covered prominent community members who found themselves in similar situations; this was no different, in our eyes. So, intent on keeping that integrity and opting not to "hide" anything, we started making calls to law enforcement the same day we were notified of his arrest (Friday, April 11).

Calls to Humboldt County were referred to Pershing County (the arresting agency). Calls to Pershing County resulted only in confirmation of Eric David (Rick) Hoover's arrest and the charges; the people answering the phones declined to give any further information. Without a narrative of what happened (which is usually provided by Humboldt County law enforcement) all we had were two sentences worth of information. Absolutely nothing substantial or "story worthy" - we needed more. We knew the information would be released in their arrest report eventually, so rather than devote more time and resources we decided to wait until later in the week when the report was available to our staff.

At the same time we were missing an editor, our entire server and network went down on Monday, April 14. Unless you have fallen victim to such a thing, you have no idea the feeling of helplessness and nausea that goes along with it. We lost everything. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. All the stories that were filed the week before, all of our photos, all of the ads, all the logos, all of our templates, all the fillers, all of our archives - gone. All of it. We basically had to build a paper from scratch starting at 1 p.m. Monday (did I mention our deadline was 11 a.m. that same day?)

But not putting out a paper wasn't an option, and it certainly wasn't going to happen on my watch. The ever-changing staff of the Humboldt Sun has managed to not miss an edition for the last 40 years and I wasn't about to change that. So we scrambled and improvised and worked together to make it happen. And it did, with many of us working late into the night to get the job done.

But the thing is, is when the virtual world is collapsing around you, you have to prioritize. Mine were keeping the staff calm and focused, preparing content, adding in a few maniacal laughs for comedy relief and getting a newspaper out. Other things - like devoting staff resources toward tracking down a narrative of an arrest report - took a temporary backseat. Especially since we knew we'd be able to get it in the coming days; at the time, we were confronted with more pressing issues.

I'd encourage readers to pause and consider the magnitude of what we were dealing with last week as a staff: our general manager was on vacation, our managing editor was unavailable and our entire network of information was lost. We did the best we could, and we did it with integrity. Contrary to comments we've heard around town and online, there were absolutely no intentions to hide the arrest of our (now former) editor; in fact it was quite the opposite. We tried to get the information, were denied, and then the world came crashing down around us.

We will likely hit some bumps in the coming weeks as we try to reconstruct what was lost. Our server was sent to a data recovery center in Sacramento to determine if anything can be recovered. In the meantime, I ask you, the readers, that if you sent in a story and/or photo to be published on or before April 11 and you haven't seen it in the paper yet, please re-send the information. It was likely lost when the network went down. You can send items to editorial@winnemuccapublishing.net - we always appreciate local contributions.

As usual, any questions or concerns can be directed to that same email address. Thanks for reading.

Jen Anderson is the assistant editor of Winnemucca Publishing.