LINDEN, Texas - My recent column about my Guardian Angel brought an unexpected response. I expected to get feedback from Nevada readers, but not South Texas. Below is a story about what happened to Tommy and Brenda Walker of Woodville, Texas. I shared my column about my Guardian Angel with Tommy, a long time friend, and he wrote me a letter about what happened to him and Brenda in Dallas a few years ago.

Tommy and Brenda live in what's known as "The Big Thicket" part of southeast Texas. Folks, it's about as remote and countrified as you can get. Now put that country couple on a mission of mercy on a dark stormy night, stranded on a Dallas freeway with a flat tire, unable to change the flat, and no money. Can you even imagine?

They were on that trip to try and help a family member who had pleaded for help, who lived in the Dallas area. One of their tire went flat on the bottom, and Tommy had to park in the center median where the traffic was whizzing by on both sides, at 70 miles per, or faster. It was raining, they had no cell phone, and in Dallas at night, if you try to flag someone down for help, you will get run over, or shot.

Tommy placed the hydraulic jack in place and then discovered it would not lift the car. It was low on fluid. Tommy said it was the lowest point of his life. The despair was overwhelming. They were stranded. They were terrified. What are we going to do, they asked each other.

Suddenly out of the darkness a man's voice said sir, do you need help? There stood a dark skinned man, and a pick-up truck was parked in front of Tommy's car. They had not seen a vehicle stop and park there. The guy had a hydraulic floor jack, and in a few minutes time, had the spare tire installed.

The man did not talk, just worked. When he finished, Tommy thanked him and shook his hand, He felt something in his hand, and discovered a twenty dollar bill. He turned to show Brenda, they were elated at the happenings. Then he turned to thank the Good Samaritan, only to find he was gone. No stranger, no pick-up truck. Only Dallas traffic whizzing by at terrifying speeds.

Tommy said they would have believed this incident never happened, except for the fixed flat, and the twenty dollar bill, which was enough money to get them home. I would like for someone to try and convince the Walker's their Guardian Angel was not there for them that night in their time of dire need.

Tommy Walker is an honest man, as honest as I know personally. He is not a bragger, does not tell lies, or even exaggerate, and I believe his story is true. His Guardian Angel came to help him that night, like mine did me so long ago. I betcha some of you have had divine help at one time or another, and just chalked it up as "lucky" or "just a coincidence" that help appeared in your time of need.

I may have to take a vacation from writing for awhile, or maybe do a bi-weekly. I enjoy sharing my junk with you, and know (from your feedback to me) that many of you enjoy reading my writings. See you later, be good, be kind, and treat others as you would like to be treated. And God bless all of you. And let me hear about your own Guardian Angel story.

• • •

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