Northern Nevada we need your help. The Chris Young concert is in a few days and we have not seen enough support this year to guarantee another big-name event in the future.

The Winnemucca Convention & Visitors Authority and the Agricultural District No. 3 made a commitment several years ago to bring good, wholesome entertainment to Winnemucca - entertainment that they felt the tri-county commmunity wanted.

The first year with Jake Owen, we saw the area respond in kind with their own commitment and support. But the past several years have seen that commitment wane, and to be honest, we don't think we'll be able to stage another concert of this caliber in the future without a surge in ticket purchases in the next few days.

It's not like the WCVA and Ag 3 are asking you to do something painful. They're asking you to have fun this Labor Day weekend during the Tri-County Fair! We hear people say all the time that there's nothing to do, or that it costs too much to travel. Well, this solves both problems. We're bringing a spectacular concert right to you - no travel needed. Even if you're not a fan of country music, this Tennessee-born, 6-string-wielding crooner is going to get you moving. And since we're planning the concert, we've got the inside scoop on his performance in Winnemucca.

Not only will the beautiful and talented Courtney Cole open for Chris, but he's bringing a separate truck loaded with props, costumes and more just to make the show as special as he can. He wants to meet all his fans - and future fans - on Saturday, Aug. 30 in Winnemucca.

If that isn't convincing enough, try this: Chris writes all his own material, he's an amazing musician on the guitar, and he sure knows how to construct great country songs, with tell-it-like-it-is lyrics, twangy hooks and great beats. One of the things that sold us were the reports of those who saw him at various shows throughout the country. One woman wrote, "I saw him at a rodeo show in San Antonio, Texas, last year. I had my doubts as to whether a hyped-up TV "talent" could be any good live, and I am happy to report that such doubts were unfounded, and that Young put on a terrific show. He entered the bare stadium stage in a convertible, leaped out and began to play a fantastic 90-minute set of sing-all-the-words, foot-stomping country anthems, with a seemingly boundless energy that emanated back to the crowd, who were loving every minute."

So do yourself a favor and buy your tickets now. You'll have a great time with your family and friends, and you'll ensure more great events in the future. Let's send the message now that this is something we want to continue! For tickets, visit There are plenty of good seats left.

Kim D. Petersen is the director of the Winnemucca Convention and Visitor's Authority.