LINDEN, Texas - This little missive is about my little sister Sylvia written about 20 years ago. Can you even imagine that little 120 pounder being an 18-wheeler driver? She once was, and here is a story about one day on the road, taken from her diary, and published in the J.B. Hunt trucking company's newsletter. Sylvia and hubby Jim Callaway were team drivers for J.B. Hunt. They retired to Imlay, and now live in Elko.

This story covers one day in their travels, and covers almost one thousand miles, through New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Now let's take a ride with a traveling housewife, whose home has 18 wheels under it.

• • •

I smiled as a gentle touch woke me to the sound of gentle music. It was midnight somewhere in New Mexico. In a few minutes, my husband, "The Preacher Man," occupied my still warm bed, while I readjusted the driver's seat and the mirrors, to get ready for another days work.

The early morning hours are my favorite, my quiet time when I have fellowship with my Lord. The Bible on tape and inspirational music helps to fill the void created from leaving our home church behind.

Several cassette tapes and many miles later a fuel stop affords enough time for a quick shower. Then it's "on the road again" (hey, someone should write a song titled that). At 6 a.m. a majestic sunrise brought the high desert country to life. As its beauty surrounds me, I feel overwhelmed with the serenity that's housed within my little home on 18 wheels.

Before going on the road, my son Paul and I designed and built "truck furniture." We have a kitchen cabinet, a 12 volt broiler, coffee pot and two 12 volt coolers. We have a stereo and Jim's electronics.

Its 10:45 a.m. now and I'm riding shotgun. And we are ready for brunch. With physical activity limited, we decided to eat only two meals a day to help with our Battle of the Bulge." (Brother Roy says we are losing that battle.)

As I do all our cooking, we enjoy a good nutritional diet and save money doing so. By 11:45 a.m. we are back on the road, with preacher man at the wheel. By now bed is beckoning me.

That evening we stopped at a lovely California rest area to eat turkey, rolls, mixed veggies, steamed rice, and spinach. After eating, I prepared next day's meal and placed it in one of the coolers. A hard game of Frisbee gave us some needed exercise, and reminded us of our age. ( Roy says we are old .)

Now we are back on the road again, headed for our destination. We marveled at how God had directed our lives. A few days ago, we witnessed a bad car accident. In one car was a seriously injured and frightened lady. I used my nursing skills to administer aid to her, and prayed with her while waiting for the ambulance. A much calmer lady was placed in the ambulance. (Note: Sylvia was working as a nurse when she met and married Jim.)

So goes the life of a traveling housewife, seeing America from the cab of an 18 wheeler. Don't tell her I said so, she might get the big head, but brother Roy couldn't be more proud of his "little sister."

• • •

You know, as we travel the roads of America, you can't go many miles without seeing an 18 wheeler. Most of us view that truck as an innate object. But inside are real people, striving to make a living. And I personally admire them, seeing America, and getting paid while doing so. You meet a lot of housewives on wheels, traveling on your journey, to wherever. May God bless our truck drivers.

• • •

Congratulations to Jerry Green, Imlay Baptist preacher, who was recently ordained by the Imlay Baptist church. You're the greatest, young man. May God bless your ministry.

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