Have you ever given much thought about Good and Evil, and where they come from? Some folks don't seem to know, some folks don't even care. Different strokes for different folks. That's why they make Fords and Chevies, yellow Cadillacs and black Cadillacs. Levis and Wranglers.

Some folks believe in God and Satan. An Atheist denies existence of both. I once asked a confirmed Atheist where did she think Good and Evil came from. She said it just happens. She denied there was such a thing as Supernatural power. That's only a figment of a Christians mind, she said. She said anyone that believes there is a Supernatural Power is crazy. I know she has the right to believe all that, but thankfully, I have the right to disagree with her. I believe Good comes from God, and Evil comes from Satan. The vast majority of Americans also believe as I do.

Now, I'm not going to start preaching to you. That's not what this is about. But what this is about, there is a moral decline in America, actually in the whole round polluted planet earth. In my lifetime, I have seen the change come about in honesty and dishonesty, good and bad, lies and truth. It’s real. Its happening folks, it’s not a figment of anyone's imagination. If you believe in the Bible, as most Americans do, as I do, it says in end times, good will seem bad, bad will seem good. That's happening today. You see it mainly in politics. And big business. The love of money corrupts. Lies destroy.

If a politician openly lied in the 1940's as some of them do today, they would have been drummed out of office, and out of town on a rail. Sure, some probably did lie, but not openly and they kept it in the closet if they could. A pretty good POTUS was drummed out of office mainly because of lying. During all those agonizing months leading up to his resignation, I kept telling him, every time he appeared before me on the idiot box, man, just tell the truth. Just say I was wrong, I did wrong, I'm sorry, will you forgive me? I would have, and most Americans would have, all except that one old dude sitting in the corner with a wore out Cuban stogie clenched between his rotten teeth and tobacco juice running off his chin. And that old dude don't even like his wife and kids. Or Jesus.

Most of us believe evil comes from Satan, and good comes from God. So that's the folks I'm now talking to. The ones of you who don't believe that can go dig a ditch or build a barb wire fence. This message is now about liars and lies. Much harm can be done with a hurtful lie. A kid lying to keep from getting a whipping is not good, but not nearly as bad or harmful as a lie generated just to hurt someone. Politicians have learned if you tell a lie enough times, some will start believing it. One more stolen vote. And sadly, in today's society, its happening. If the person who tells the lie does not have to suffer the consequences of his wrongdoing, then that seems to make the lie permissible and even okay, at least to some folks. But not me.

I was about six years old, and broke some of daddy's stacked bricks with a hammer. He knew I did it, and kept trying to get me to admit doing it. Had I owned up to my crime, he would have just told me it was wrong, don't ever do it again. I kept lying, his face kept getting redder. Finally he lost his cool, and when he took his razor strap off the wall, I learned a good lesson that day. When he got through with me, everyone in the house, and some of the neighbors, knew I had been whipped. And he made it very clear to me, the whipping was for lying, and not for breaking bricks. I learned a valuable lesson that day that was burned into my memory for life. There was no way on God's green earth that I would have lied to my daddy again. If every daddy would teach his kids to be truthful, we wouldn't be in the sorry mess we are in today. I hate lies, and detest liars.

A lot of us have been hurt by hurtful lies. I have, and big time. I bet some of you have been also. Lies can tear a family apart. I know a family where brothers don't speak, sister and brother do not speak, mother and son do not speak. Lies cause a lot of the pain and hurt and separation of family members The master liar Satan is in control of the ones telling the lies. Just use logic and common sense, and you will agree. Be aware, what goes around, comes around. Someday, somewhere, some way, the liar pays. Stay truthful. Stay tuned. Be happy.

Roy Bale can be reached at roybalemail@yahoo.com.