Where I live there is peace. I do not hear gunshots in the night. Helicopters do not prowl overhead. Armed men do not come to my home late at night to take me away, never to be seen again.

However, the drums of war beat in many other places throughout our small planet. After thousands of years of so called "civilization", it is so sad to see the barbarianism of man's inhumanity for his fellow man still present to this every day. Just in Syria alone, more than 150 thousand people have been killed in their civil war over the last three years. Most have been civilians, as I most wars, innocent women and children.

Here we have a constitution that guarantee's liberty and freedom. To the degree that it is adhered to, we have peace and tranquility. The role of our government, (although it has adopted many other roles), is to protect and defend our freedoms. The laws of our land also are to safeguard and maintain our liberties. In our little corner of the universe, we are so blessed to have a ray of peace shining on us.

Where I live there is hope. People seek hope in the many churches throughout our small town. As we claim our rights to profess our own religious beliefs, we also respect the religious convictions, (or lack of), in others. Here citizens are not targeted, harassed and slaughtered for not having the "correct" and "true" faith. We figure that is the last thing a deity would want us to do. More likely our roles should be to show goodness and mercy and be examples of brotherly love. As one may find joy and happiness in a spiritual search, so he or she may improve his or her life and the lives of others.

Where I live there is love. If you disagree, just look at the spelling of our town. Just about anywhere you look; it is there, in kids' faces, the smile from your neighbor to the wag of your dog's tail. It's the glue that holds families, communities and towns together.

In the park by our courthouse there are some chains weighed down by padlocks. Each of the padlocks symbolizes the vow of a couple. They are vows of pure, unconditional, everlasting love and happiness locked in place. They are thoughts, hopes and wishes put in physical form and dwelling in the heart of our town.

How's that for a heavy duty, whopper of a town's claim for fame? I'd like to see any other town compete against it. It should be promoted and encouraged by our Lovelock Tourism Board, (if we had one). Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself.

For a little desert town, miles and miles from civilization, we are not doing too bad. We have a history, a railroad and a freeway. We have peace. We have hope and we have love.

Dan O'Connor is a resident of Lovelock.