LINDEN, Texas - Did you enjoy Trina's column as much as I did, about "Maps?" If you did, let the paper people hear from you. Otherwise, they don't know what you like or dislike. A few years ago, a little lady here in Linden was telling me how much she liked my column in the local paper. "Your column is the first thing I go to whenever I get my paper," she proudly stated. I said, "Ma'am, have you ever told the newspaper people that?" She looked at me kinda dumbfounded, and said, "No, I have never done that. Why should I?" Then I was dumbfounded. Duh...

Most of the big time syndicated political newspaper column writers try to write the truth nothing but the truth so help them God. A freelance column writer is simply expressing his thoughts and knowledge. He may believe its truthful and accurate, but regardless which political party he is writing about, most of the people of the other party disagrees with him. Sometimes violently so. Sometimes we purposely misrepresent the truth, to make it more interesting. You might find some of that misinformation below. Hold onto your hat, Pershing County High School class of 1950, and enjoy my column about you.

"Lip stick on your collar, gonna tell on you" That was the title of a popular song way back in the good old days. It also was a fad for the girls to put their lip prints on mirrors in the school restroom. Lipstick on mirrors is hard to remove. Poor Mister Baker, the high school custodian, was beside himself with the extra work caused by the girls planting their kisser prints on the girls restroom mirror. A few of the girls even snuck into the boys room to leave their kisser prints. All in good clean fun, but poor overworked Mr. Baker complained to our school principal, Mr. Batchelor.

Mister Batchelor said I will make a special plea with the girls and see if they will stop it. So he called all the girls to the girls room, to show them how much extra work they were causing poor Mr. Baker. The mirrors were loaded with lipstick prints when Mr. Baker started cleaning.

Mr. Baker took his squeegee over to the toilet bowl and soaked it, then started the cleaning process to remove the lipstick. Whenever the toilet bowl water would get low, he would flush it to refill it. Finally, the glass was cleaned, and Mr. Batchelor made a final plea. Will you girls please stop it, for Mr. Bakers sake? I don't know if they stopped for Mr. Bakers sake, or because Mr. Batchelor requested it, but there was never again any lipstick kisser prints on the mirrors. Maybe Janiece can tell us why.

• • •

This guy, PCHS class of 1950, was a great success in the business world. He married a highfalutin girl from the big city. Together they built a fine home and had expensive cars. He drove a Rolls Royce. She preferred a Corvette. The dude went on a trip to Paris without his wife, He was supposed to stay one week, but after two weeks, he wired his wife for money. She wired back that their bank account was empty. So he wired her to sell his Rolls Royce and send him the money she got for it. She put an ad in the paper, "nearly new Rolls Royce, $39."

The first guy that raced to her door with the $39. asked, why are you selling this Rolls for such a low price? She explained to him, her husband was in Paris, broke, and asked her to sell his car, and send him the money. So, she said, I'm selling you the car for $39. and I'm sending the money to my husband and his girl friend.

Have a great 64th class reunion, PCHS class of 1950. Wish I was there. Next year, for the 65th, I will be there, along with Eddie Gore, State of Kansas Hall of Famer, good Lord willing and the creeks don't rise.

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