One of my favorite writers of all time has to be John Steinbeck. One of the books he wrote was titled "Cannery Row." If you think back quite a few years ago you may well have read it. It was full of amusing twists of fate, colorful characters and the ups and downs of day to day life. The reason I bring up this book is, the characters  and plot are so much like modern day life in Lovelock, Nev. You could almost call our little town "Lovelock Row."

 If you were to view life as a game you could say that each of us has chosen a role to play in it. Some roles are light-hearted and easy while others are deadly serious. Some people like dramatic and forceful action while others prefer to glide "merrily down the stream." Life could be viewed as a cross between a Greek tragedy and a musical comedy. However, the one thing it woefully lacks is direction.                                        

We all seem headed off on different paths with our individual goals and aims. Our directors, powers-that-be/politicians are too much in conflict with each other to do any directing. The results are a hodgepodge of scrambled messes. Life could be a beautiful harmonious island of peace and tranquility. However, I doubt that it's possible on this planet any time soon!

So life is. It's a dreadful mess. It's a bowl of scrambled eggs that cannot be unscrambled or it's a wonderful challenging adventure. Take your pick and choose your role. You can be a scrambler, an unscrambler or observer. The highs and lows, the drama, beauty and adventure are all there waiting for you to write them into the script of your life.

These are some thoughts that cross my mind as I start another day. At the latter part of my life I guess I've become an unscrambler. I try to see the beauty and goodness in people behind the brick walls of armour and protection. Sometimes, it's so carefully hidden it's hard to see. Sometimes, as in the laughter and joy of children it comes bursting out at you but it's always there. As I see it, if you perceive the person you are looking at as a being of beauty, goodness and love then you are seeing the person as he or she really is. That, you could say, is their true identity. If you get a growl, a scowl or if she shows you her mace can, then obviously you're viewing the outer armour.

One of the nice things about our town is not that much protection or armour is needed. You can smile at your neighbor and say hello without being considered crazy, dangerous or a menace. There is not as much of a perceived threat in the environment as you may find in big cities and other locations.

Come to think of it, you could possibly direct your own life as someone directs a play or movie if you can be objective. If you look off into the future and set goals, you've got it. No need to have it all mournful and tragic. A little drama adds spice. A little love, romance and adventure and now you've got it. Anyhow, I must apologize for getting carried away with my philosophic outlook. I haven't gotten around to my comparison of Lovelock to Cannery Row. However, you can read or reread the book itself. Then, when you look around at our little town and its people, you will see it for sure.

 Dan O'Connor is a resident of Lovelock. He can be reached at