LOVELOCK - I awake to peace and quiet. Bright morning sun greets me through my window. The rain has come and gone overnight leaving behind a fresh cool breeze. White puffy clouds glide by under a deep blue sky.

All is still except for a distant barking dog. An occasional train rumbles through town. We are all so accustomed to their regular passage through that they practically go unnoticed as they pass. As some towns have church bells that ring on the hour, here our passing trains seem to mark the passage of time. Slowly, surely.

The workers have gone off to work at the mines and milling plant. The kids are all at school already. A block away a bunch of short legged brown dogs hang out on the street. They wait for a passing car to bark at and chase after. It's another day in a quiet desert town.

Our one stoplight in midtown cycles from green to red to green again. It too seems to wait for passing cars to obey it's directions.

The town Post Office is the center of communication and the hub of activity for our community. In their daily ritual townsfolk climb it's steps to receive word from the outside world. They also send out mail to reassure the world that we are still here. As the postal customers pass, each has a smile and a cheery word of greeting for his or her neighbor.

Off at the edge of town, people drive by at 80 miles per hour on the freeway. About their only thoughts of our town are "What's the price of gas?"and "Is there a place to grab a bite to eat?" In a flash they are gone and it's as though they have never even been in our universe. They only caught a brief glimpse from a distance.

Trucks haul freight east and west across the vast expanse of desert on the continuous conveyer belt they call I-80. Travelers take it for granted as though it's always been here. Rarely do they think of the Wagon Trail, it was not that long ago or the plight of the Pilgrim Families and their harsh adventures crossing the same stretch of wilderness bound for California.

Another train comes clickity clack like a giant iron sneak winding it's way out of the desert into the farm land and across the river bridge. The operator noisily blows his horn over and over as it comes out of the trees and passes safely through our little town. In barely a moment it too is gone like a fading memory.

Not many people think about the history of our land anymore. However, our little town seems stuck to it. The old glory days of the past seem to remain all around us like half forgotten memories. "Yes" Old timers will tell you, "Times were good back then when the highway ran through town." "The trains would stop and business flourished." But the trains stop no more.

Now days the trains like the cars and the trucks rolls right on through. Places to go and things to do. Got to keep up the with the times. Can't dwell on the past like us small town residents.

As for myself, I love the peace and quiet and the passing of another beautiful day in Nevada. Sometimes I wonder if the trains were to completely stop running, would time stand totally still in our little desert town?

Dan O'Connor is a resident of Lovelock.