I lived in Beatty for a year. I had a great old friend there. He was Shoshone. He had traveled all over Nevada and knew it like the back of his hand. I asked him about a few different tows where I might settle down and hang my hat. He was very partial to Beatty. When I asked him about Lovelock his response was not very positive. He said he had come through once. He checked into a motel for the night and could not sleep a wink because of the "damn trains." He checked out at two in the morning and headed off down the freeway.

When I moved here it was in February 2012 and there was a heavy smell of cattle in the air. I had my doubts about staying. Not only did it have the constant noisy trains, but the whole town smelled like...well it did not smell very good.

I got used to the sounds of passing trains as residents assured me I would. Thankfully the odor of cattle only occasionally drifts through town. I've made many good friends and I'm settled in here now. I'm glad I stayed.

Back in 1980, my wife and I traveled all around Australia for 5 months and we loved it. I found it a safe, wonderful, adventurous land. I thought that when I got old and retired I might want to live in the Outback. Then one day while hanging out in Reno, I realized that everything East of Reno in the Great Basin, was very similar to Australia. Hundreds of miles of open land, incredible amounts of open space, small friendly mining towns, honest, hardworking people who speak English, but no kangaroos. It has turned out pretty much that way for me. I did not have to fly 20 hours, by plane to the southern hemisphere to find peace and quiet and a place to hang my hat.

Peace and quiet and oodles of space surround me here. As one grows old and hopefully mellows with age, he is apt to find quality of life important. It's hard to find that in a bustling, modern big city. It's usually not one of the amenities. Aside from not having to fight traffic in a one stoplight town; I've also found honesty, sincerity and friendship in this place I call home.

I figure that in order to survive to a ripe old age it sure helps to learn from experience and develop a bit of common sense. Worry and cares come and go. There will always be new ones. Most likely you can't even remember last week's worries. Without some bit of challenge life would be an awful bore.

Whenever you check the news on TV, practically all you see is tragedy, human suffering and warfare. Compared to ours, there are some real conflicts and worries in the outside world.

Those are some of the thoughts that go through my mind about our life and times in a desert town. People fly by here all the time, on the freeway, without a thought of our history, our attractions and even our very existence. We seem to live in our own little world. But a find little world it is when you come to think about it.

In a small town such as this it is easy to see and experience the basics of life. Children's laughter, neighbor's smiles and greetings from your friends add a little joy to daily life.

Personally, whenever my travels take me off in the future, I'll always retain fond memories of Lovelock. It's the place I found love and true human kindness.

Dan O'Connor resident of Lovelock. He can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com.