All right class, settle down now, pay attention. For today's lesson we are going to take a look at the history of our town. But for something altogether different we are going to try and see how its naming affects us here and now today. With all due and proper respect paid to Mr. George Lovelock and his great endeavors in founding our fair town, I maintain there is more of a special significance in its wonderful name.

Love, as you may know, is a central theme of most Hollywood movies. Practically all songs, stories and novels go on and on about love, love, with this in mind, I set out to list the number of things that put the love in Lovelock. To help me in my task, (I'm a relative lazy fellow). I recruited some of my friends and neighbors and I would also like you to help me add more items to this list.

Question, "How does one see, feel or measure love", you ask, well very good question. That would make a very good science experiment. Does it come in ounces, pounds, kilograms or kilowatts? I don't know, but I do know it's certainly felt when it is present and missed when it is absent. I sure feel it when I walk the streets of Lovelock.

So the following, in no special order is a list of responses to the survey question, "What put's the love in Lovelock for you?"

1. The Trains

2. No school Fridays

3. Snow in Winter

4. Our round Courthouse

5. Newlife Fellowship Church

6. The Cowboy Church

7. All the pretty girls

8. Our one spotlight

9. Our hometown school spirit

10. Our special yearly events

11. Our warm hearted caring volunteers

12. The laughter of kids at play

13. The staff at McDonalds

14. The Lovelock Library

15. Did I mention all the cute girls?

16. The blossoms in Spring

17. Fishing at the river

18. The changing of seasons

19. The Lovelock Senior Center

20. Happy smiling faces of our kids

21. The absence of traffic and sirens

22. Green trees in summer

23. No mosquitos

24. The distance from big cities

25. Our volunteer Fire Department

26. Walking in the Park

27. Splashing in the pool in hot Summers

28. The small town, slow pace atmosphere

29. Special care at our hospital and clinic

30. Almost everyone greeting you by your first name around town

31. The genuine love and care people have for their family, friends and neighbors.

32. It is so fitting to have this almost magical word incorporated in the name of our town

Oh oh, sorry mistake (I messed it all up) correction, the correct question should not be what but "who puts the love in Lovelock"

The correct answer of course, as anyone can tell is YOU!

Dan O'Connor is a resident of Lovelock. He can be reached via email at