DEBRA REID • The Lovelock Review-Miner<br /><br /><!-- 1upcrlf2 -->Colbey Wanner covers the action at the recent Pershing County 4-H Awards & Recognition Program.
DEBRA REID • The Lovelock Review-Miner

Colbey Wanner covers the action at the recent Pershing County 4-H Awards & Recognition Program.
LOVELOCK - Members and leaders of the Pershing County 4-H program got together on Nov. 13 for a night of recognition and awards.

The event's awards and hightlights follow:

The opening song was performed by the 4-H drama club, followed by the welcome from Kirsten Hertz, Pershing County 4-H.

Mary Kate Millican recited the Pledge of Allegiance and Joey Millican said the 4-H Pledge.

Steve Foster, with the Pershing County Extension Office, introduced the 4-H leaders.

Sarah Chvilicek, Washoe County 4-H, presented "4-H - A New Season." Melissa McIntee, with Nevada State Bank, presented 4-H year pins and certificates; Rene Childs, secretary of the Pershing County Leaders Council, presented record book; Joe Crim, president of the Pershing County Leaders Council, presented the Danforth Award.

2013 4-H Club leaders

1st year

Elizabeth Uhart, Sheep

2nd year

Will Barter, Ball; Maggie Gallagher, Sheep; Russell Fecht, Ball

5th year

Leslie Millican, Drama

6th year

Neil Gallagher, Sheep

9th year

Colby Burke, Goats, Building Board ; Shannon Jensen, Ball

11th year

Ken Story, Ball, Building Board

12th year

Denice Cerini, Beef; Rita Malay, Floats

14th year

Henry Godecke, Martial Arts; Earl Malay, Livestock, Building Board;

16th year

Anthony Moura, Livestock Judging, Swine, Building Board, Leaders Council

20th year

Rene Childs, Building Board, Leaders Council

24th year

Malinda Frazier, Dog & Scrapbook

26th year

Joe Crim, Jr., Building Board, Leaders Council

28th year

Ellen Knight, Candy, Foods

30th year

Darlene Moura, Leaders Council

45th year

Tom Moura, Building Board

Member Completion

2013 Completion -

year pins

1st Year

Presley Burrows - goat; Lupe Paredes - drama; Aimee Carpenter - drama; Daniel Reitz - drama; Maria Jimenez - drama; Rachel Steele - drama; Dalton McNeff - sheep.

2nd year

Cassidy Burke - swine; Niko Katsaris - goat; Anthony Castro - swine; Daralyn Moura - swine, drama; Kaelyn Castro-Montes - goat.

3rd year

Owen Bake - swine; Leeann McNeff - camp, crafts; Mary Kate Millican - Drama.

4th year

Kati Rae Cerini - swine, goat, drama; Scott Plimpton - swine; Anna Vidales Gallagher - sheep; Megan Renfroe - swine, scrapbook; Ben Plimpton - swine.

5th year

Erica Holland - swine; Mikayla Renfroe - swine; ; 6th Year; Abby Bake - swine; Jake Cerini - beef, goat; McKenzie Burke - swine.