Plans for a Lovelock Community Beautification Project are under way. On July 11, 2014, starting at 7 a.m. (end 2 p.m.), several entities are getting together to work on some Main Street beautification projects. Projects include:

• Painting at least two buildings on Main Street

• Clean Windows, signage and other infrastructure

• Sweep sidewalks

• Prep the side of Pizza Factory building for a mural

• Prep on vacant lot (by stoplight) for xeriscaping

• Prep work for other painting projects

• Placing art and displays in the windows of the vacant buildings

• Other projects as identified on that day

New streetlight flags and 50 gallons of paint have been purchased by Pershing County Economic Development Authority. The City of Lovelock is fixing the flag brackets and will touchup paint the streetlights. Pershing County 4H is rounding up volunteers; the county is supporting the project; residents have donated lemonade, use of a boom truck, and scaffolding. Frontier Community Coalition has spent hours of time contacting owners of vacant properties for permissions, contacting local artists, and all manners of technical and planning support, Pershing County Chamber of Commerce/Depot is our staging area/restrooms/shade.

We are encouraging everyone in the community to come support this project. Bring your friends and family to help, donate cleaning supplies, donate paint or painting supplies (we'll even take your leftover paint that still has some life to it!), bring a broom, suggest and help on future projects, pick up a paintbrush and help, or bring drinks and snacks for the workers.

Please bring your friends, family and coworkers. With a lot of help we can accomplish this task quickly!