LOVELOCK - Burglary suspect Robert Thomas Ortiz, 28, was arraigned in Lake Township Justice Court in Lovelock last week.

Ortiz is suspected of committing a residential burglary and animal cruelty in Grass Valley as well as a burglary in Sparks.

Ortiz faces two felony charges of burglary and one felony charge of theft for the alleged Grass Valley burglary that occurred on Sept. 29. Ortiz also faces two criminal misdemeanor animal cruelty charges.

Other felony charges against Ortiz include failure to stop for a police officer, possession of a stolen vehicle, two stolen firearms, other stolen property and possession of controlled substances. He was also charged with a count of attempted escape from a patrol vehicle.

The suspect requested a bail reduction but Justice of the Peace Karen Stephens refused and kept Ortiz's total bail amount at $162,280. Public Defender Steve Cochran was assigned to represent Ortiz in court.

Ortiz was booked into the Pershing County Jail on Oct. 11 at 5 a.m. after a high speed chase by the Nevada Highway Patrol from Sparks to the Lovelock area. Spike strips were deployed to disable the vehicle and Ortiz then attempted to

escape on foot before his capture and arrest by local law enforcement officers near the intersection of Meadow Road and South Meridian Road south of Lovelock.

Ortiz had been driving a 2000 GMC truck listed as stolen from Sparks that contained stolen property including two shotguns, an air compressor and jewelry. The truck also allegedly contained the controlled substances hydrocodone and methamphetamine.

Ortiz is also suspected in a residential burglary in Grass Valley on Sept. 29. Items were stolen from the home and two dogs were found dead at the residence after the incident, authorities said. During the investigation by the Pershing County Sheriff's Department, witnesses provided information leading to Ortiz as a possible suspect in the burglary.

According to Deputy District Attorney Bryce Shields, an arrest warrant for Ortiz was about to be issued but was not needed when Ortiz arrived back in Pershing County and was arrested after the high-speed chase by law enforcement that ended on Oct. 11.

After complaining of a medical problem, Ortiz then attempted to escape from a sheriff's deputy's patrol vehicle during a trip to the local hospital in Lovelock, Shields said.

A preliminary hearing for Ortiz was set for Oct. 31 at 9:30 a.m. in justice court.