•One letter to the editor or guest commentary per person, per month.

•Letters to the editor are limited to 300 words; guest opinions cannot exceed 750 words. If the word count is exceeded, writer will be asked to edit for length and resubmit.

•Submissions are published on a first-come, first-serve basis as space on the opinion page allows.

• Email is the preferred method of submitting letters or guest commentaries. Typewritten submissions require staff typesetting and may result in publication delay. Handwritten letters are not accepted.

• Please email submissions to editorial@winnemuccapublishing.net.

• It is important that you include your phone number (not for publication) to verify the identity of the writer. Anonymous submissions will not be printed.

• Letters or opinion pieces that include name-calling or libelous/slanderous statements will not be published.

• Consumer complaints or praise or thank-you letters to sponsors and businesses are generally not allowed. Sponsor thank-yous require the purchase of advertisement.

While the above are general guidelines, certain situations may call for interpretation. Winnemucca Publishing reserves the right to refuse or edit material submitted for publication.