December 6 

Charles Craig Shier, age 67, of Winnemucca to Patricia Jean Jacobson, age 43, of Winnemucca. 

December 8 

Christian Ivan Bravo Chan, age 20, of Caldwell, Idaho to Jennifer Seline Dion Solis, age 20, of Caldwell, Idaho. 

Nicolas Lopez-Vargas, age 40, of Winnemucca to Margarita Trigueros-Gonzalez, age 40, of Winnemucca. 

December 14

Almykar Raul Beltran, age 22, of Winnemucca to Estrellita Arriaga, age 24, of Winnemucca. 

December 16

Mateo David Davis, age 26, of Winnemucca to Shannon Nicole Rose, age 24, of Winnemucca. 

December 20

Larry Michael Huttman, age 79, of Winnemucca to Patricia J. Glasgow, age 78, of Winnemucca. 

December 22

William Michael Isbell, age 21, of Winnemucca to Yesenia Rosa Cardenas, age 21, of Winnemucca. 

December 30

Aaron Charles Soraci, age 31, of Winnemucca to Katelyn Rae Dixon, age 27, of Winnemucca.