Joshua “Jonesy” Franklin Jones
Joshua “Jonesy” Franklin Jones
July 5, 1989 – February 12, 2019

Joshua “Jonesy” Franklin Jones, 29, beautiful son, adoring fiancé, beloved grandson, brother, and uncle; was unexpectedly taken to Heaven on February 12, 2019, where he will continue to be the great hero he was to all that loved him.

Josh’s story began on July 5, 1989 in Winnemucca, Nevada where he was born to Greg Pullen and Pamala Jones. He was not only Greg and Pam’s first born but also Papa and Gram’s first grandchild and the light of each one of their lives. Gram always felt “a child of my child is twice my child” and this rang true for Josh. Josh fit the role perfectly of “the best big brother that anyone could ask for” for his siblings: Wessie Boy, Breezy, Megan and Preston. He was not only their brother, but their friend, teacher (Josh was very strangely intelligent), mentor, and most importantly, their hero. He was admired by his family for his wealth of knowledge, heart of gold, sarcastic humor, integrity, and devotion to his family.

Josh was not only born but raised in Winnemucca and took great pride in his hometown roots. He spent many of his younger years camping with his family, building epic forts with his little brother and sister, having sleepovers with his friends, being taught to play pool by his Gram and Papa, and spending time outdoors. He especially loved the time spent on his dad, John’s ranch. Much of this time was spent with his BB gun, little brother, good friends, and a walkie talkie so he could keep in contact with Pam, on her walkie talkie, as they set out on their adventures with his little sister, Breezy, following in their footsteps as she kept pace with her big brothers and their friends. When it came to his little sister, Josh played the role of the protective big brother well. He was always loving and gentle. After breaking her arm on the trampoline, Josh was there to pick her up and carry her to safety. The protectiveness, gentleness and kindness did not falter as they got older. Josh made it known that if you messed with his little sister, you would have to face the wrath of Josh and he meant that with all his being. He taught his little brother and sister many things and guided them throughout the years. There is not a doubt in our minds that he will continue to guide Wessie Boy and Breezy from up above.

As Josh grew older and high school years began, walkie talkies and forts were traded in for a car and of course, a girl. He also loved spending time with his buddies, whether it be cruising in his T-Bird, going shooting in the hills, and spending countless hours at the tennis courts playing…HOCKEY. Two of his accomplishments also occurred during his high school years. First being, he met and began dating the love of his life, Nikki Chaffin. Though he was a junior and she was a freshman, the age difference did not matter. The two were inseparable and their love for each other grew into something that could not be broken. Their date nights consisted of going to Burger King for rodeo burgers while listening to Tenacious-D and creating their love story. His second accomplishment was making LHS’ Boys Varsity Soccer Team his freshman year. Soccer was Josh’s one and only sport that Josh partook in, so he was thrilled to make varsity as an underclassman. Due to his talent and dedication, Josh earned the position of goalkeeper his junior year and held it through his senior year, when he graduated with Albert Lowry High School’s Class of 2007.

At 17 years old and because of his deep love for his country, Josh made the decision to enlist with the United States Marine Corp. Though Pam had some reservation with Josh’s decision, she knew there was no changing her strong-willed son’s mind and signed the necessary paperwork so her son could start his military career. Josh began his life with the USMC a few weeks after his high school graduation. During Josh’s 4 years with the Corp., he was deployed to Afghanistan twice. His first tour taking place in 2009 and his second tour taking place in 2011. Josh’s military career was filled with significant accomplishments, as well. He quickly advanced in rank to becoming a non-commissioned officer and through hard work and perseverance, he achieved the Rank of Sergeant. Josh had a keen knowledge of firearm safety and care, that he not only shared with his brother, Wes, but with many members of his platoon. His expertise led him to be awarded a Rifle Expert Badge. Josh made an impact on all those he served with, no matter their rank, he touched their lives in one way or another. Josh took great pride in being a Marine and there are countless Brothers/Sisters in Arms that have that same great pride serving alongside him.

While serving his country, Josh was working towards his degree in civil engineering. After his military career came to a close, he began a career in ironworking and was employed with the Local 118 Ironworkers Union. His creativity and constructive mind helped him excel in this new career path and it took no time at all, for ironworking to become his passion. Josh felt his role as an ironworker gave him the opportunity to “build America” and took great pride in watching a skeleton structure he helped erect turn into an industrial, commercial, or residential building. This gave Josh the opportunity to serve his country in a different manner.

On July 27, 2017, Josh fulfilled his greatest accomplishment. He was reunited with his one and only true love, Nikki Chaffin. Though the two had gone their separate ways as young adults, their love for each other did not diminish and it was apparent that they were each other’s destiny. Once reunited, they immediately began building their life together and did not take one minute they had together for granted. Their two lives became one and their happiness and love for each other radiated and was admired by all who knew them. Josh and Nikki cherished not only their time together but the time they spent with their families and friends. Though their time together was cut short, they experienced a love that many will not experience in a lifetime. The everlasting memories that were made between the two are memories that Nikki will hold forever in her heart. Josh and Nikki were the “perfect love story”.

Josh had a vast array of hobbies and talents. His number one hobby was shooting and he was a very talented marksman. His other hobbies included leather work, yard work (yes, yard work), home improvement, and hunting. He was a talented cook and quickly became the “chef” at family functions. Though he did use cookbooks on occasion, many of his dishes were his own recipes. His cooking also brought out a competitive side especially with his sister, Megan, as they would argue who made the best macaroni salad.

Although only 29 at the time of his death, Josh touched many people in his lifetime. He had so much goodness, so much capacity to bring happiness to others with his love for life and contagious smile, and held such a bright future ahead of him, that the world will be a lesser place without him.

Josh is preceded in death by his biological father, Greg Pullen; papa, Wilbur Smith; soon to be mother-in-law, Debbie Chaffin; cousin, Steven Mentaberry; great aunt, Barbara Mentaberry; great uncle, Hank Mentaberry; and the many Marine brothers and sisters who sacrificed their lives in battle. 

He is survived by the one true love of his life, Nikki Chaffin; mom, Pamala Jones (Terry Pollard); dad, John Gardella; grandmas, Katie Smith, Loretta Swindlehurst; brothers, Wesley (Menly) Jones, Preston Pollard; sisters, Breanna “Breezy” Jones, Megan Gardella; twin niece and nephew, Brynlee and Brennan Jones, who were his pride and joy; soon to be father-in-law, Fred Chaffin; fur children, Bourbon and Bailey; numerous cousins; and many, many partners in crime.

Services will be held on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. in the Winnemucca Convention Center’s East Hall with burial to follow at the Winnemucca Cemetery. A reception will be taking place after the burial in the Winnemucca Convention Center’s East Hall. Please join us to honor his fine young man.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you bring a favorite photo of you and Jonesy to reminisce, share the story of, and the family can treasure.

Til Valhalla

Semper Fidelis