Marilyn Dee “Mernie” Mentaberry Warn
Marilyn Dee “Mernie” Mentaberry Warn
Marilyn Dee “Mernie” Mentaberry Warn was born August 19, 1944 to John Mentaberry and Angela Gabica Mentaberry at Humboldt General Hospital in Winnemucca, NV.
 She spent her formative years at Washburn Ranch and the Cordero Mine in McDermitt, NV.  
Mernie and her sister LaRae went to school at the Cordero Mine from 1st to 8th grade, before going to Winnemucca to attend high school at Humboldt High.  She then went on to attend Reno Business College.
In 1970, Mernie married Jack Warn, the love of her life.  For the next 50 years, they were partners in every aspect of life, from ranching, to renting trailer spaces, to raising kids and grandkids. 
 They built a beautiful life together, loving each other all along the way.  From horse wreck to horse wreck, Mernie never left Jack’s side, and in turn, Jack was there for Mernie throughout her final illness.  Jack’s description of Mernie is she was the best wife a fellow could have.
After their wedding, they moved to Jordan Valley, OR and raised their 2 children, Todd and Jaci, at Walter Morgan’s ranch.
Then, with the help of her father, John Mentaberry, and very good family friend, Charlie Crego, they turned the house in Jordan Valley into the Old Basque Inn and ran it as a boarding house for local miners.  
In all that time, she churned a lot of butter and made a million sourdough pancakes.  Mernie always kept the oven on and was willing to feed whoever would stop at the house, and a lot of people stopped by. 
Mernie might not have always had enough food for everyone, but she would add a few things and soon have enough to feed an army.  No matter how little you wanted, you always got a double size portion.
While in Jordan Valley, Mernie also served as the Justice of the Peace, dispensing stern justice as only Mernie could.
In 1978, the family moved to Winnemucca to buy the family business, the Westerner Trailer Lodge.  Mernie and Jack owned and operated the trailer court for 30 years before retiring in 2007.
During that time, she raised her two children and her six grandchildren to be well-rounded, respectful, caring and honorable.  
Mernie was the ultimate caregiver, for newborns to 90+.  She babysat all of her grandchildren during their early childhoods, along with numerous other children of family and friends whose parents needed someone to watch their kids for a day.  
One day was never enough and often those kids came back for another.  Later on, Mernie provided top-notch care to her parents and uncle, and any other elderly person who needed help.
Somewhere along the way, Mernie found a recipe for a chocolate cake, which she won Best of Show with at the local Tri-County Fair.
She made the cake for every birthday and celebration.  Thus the “Mernie” cake was born and became famous from Winnemucca to Jordan Valley.
Mernie enjoyed a full life, and was full of life to the bitter end.  She loved good times, garage sales, and jigsaw puzzles. 
She had an unending passion for playing practical jokes on and with family and friends.  Her favorite person to pull a joke on was her Uncle Eddie Mentaberry, who often reciprocated with jokes of his own.  She was a talented crocheter, quilter, baker and collector.
Her collections were immense and varied, ranging from Avon to Milk Glass to Antiques.
Mernie passed away peacefully at home, five months after being diagnosed with cancer.  She was preceded in death by her parents and numerous aunts and uncles.
Mernie is survived by her loving husband, Jack; her children, Todd (Jolinda) Warn, and Jaci (George) Miller; and her grandchildren, Lauren, Jake, Kenadee, Megan, Wyatt and Josie; as well as her sister Larae Warden, brother-in-law Terry (Rosemary) Warn, sister-in-law Donna Watterson; and many nieces and nephews and extended family members.  
Mernie’s family would like to express our deep appreciation to her sister, LaRae, who dropped everything to care for Mernie during her treatments in Reno, escorting her to every appointment and opening her home to Mernie and all of us.  
We would also like to extend a very special heartfelt thank you to Chickee Zatica, who was Mernie’s and Jack’s childhood friend and who never left her side during Mernie’s last days, providing comfort, support and love to all of us with her presence.
We would also like to thank Angela and Nicole of Angela’s Angels for their kind and compassionate care.
Funeral services will be held Saturday, February 22, 2020 at 11:30 am at the East Hall of the Winnemucca Convention Center.  Luncheon to follow.
In lieu of flowers, the family asks that any donations be made to Rope For Hope, in care of Ginny Dufferena, PO Box 328 Winnemucca, NV  89446