Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Michael Scott passed away in his sleep, at home, in Winnemucca NV, after several years of health issues. 

He fought the good fight right up until the end, amazing his doctors and even those who loved him, with his strength and fighting spirit.

Although not tall in stature, Michael was looked up to by both friends and family.  

Known for his great sense of humor and deep love of family, he worked all his life to provide for others. If hard work could make you rich, Michael would have been a millionaire, several times over.  

Michael was born Oct.20,1947 to Jasper (Buddy) and Icle Scott, of Rathbun, IA.  As memorialized in a poem, written by his mother, Michael was “last, but not least, and loved by all” of 10 children.

Michael and his brothers all grew up in the Rathbun, IA area, riding their horses, fishing, hunting and working hard to help the family. Their only sister Rachel, “a rose among thorns” was treasured by her brothers.

And even though, as children, they must have been exasperating, Rachel cherished each and every one of them. 

Michael graduated from Centerville High School with the class of 1966. After graduation, he worked in construction for several years, at Rathbun Lake and Lake Tubaugh, both in Iowa, eventually going to work for AE Dairy as a delivery man.  

He next took a management job in Winnemucca, NV at an RV Resort in 1986 and went on to build and manage other resorts in Arcata, CA and Reno NV.  

Knowing Michael, it’s understandable that he loved this work, interacting with people from all over the world. 

He loved to laugh and joke with the travelers and it’s safe to say that no one that met him, ever forgot him. 

Michael was preceded in death by his beloved Mother and Father, brothers Bob, Billie, Teddy, Don, Jim, Paul and brother (in-law) Kenny Britt.   

Left behind to mourn his loss are sons,  Mike (Kelly) Scott of Winnemucca, NV and Martin Scott of Portola, CA,  sister Rachel Britt of Goodyear, AZ, brothers Dan (Bev) Scott of Wilton, IA and John (Rita) Scott of Enon, OH, Sister In Law Marilyn Scott of Centerville IA, and a whole host of Nephews, Nieces and their families. The list of mourners wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Stan Rorex and Steven Field both of Winnemucca, NV, his buddies who stood with him throughout the good times and the bad these last few years, when his health started failing. 

While living in Iowa, Michael always loved to hunt and fish, primarily with his brothers.  

From turkey hunting in the spring to pheasant hunting in the fall, he loved the outdoors. But Michael’s favorite pastime was to take his black and tan hound, Jack, out to the woods where he grew up. 

Then, in the dark of night, he would turn Jack loose and listen to him run, searching for racoons. The sound of Jack following a track and finally treeing a coon, was music to his ears.

 Michael loved that dog and he loved hearing him run.  If you are out some cold fall night and you hear a coon hound opening up on a trail somewhere, remember Michael and the joy he found in such simple pleasures. 

Michael, “The Badlands”, our Dad, will always live on in our hearts.