Teresa Rosaline Castillo Brinkerhoff
Teresa Rosaline Castillo Brinkerhoff
Dear Mom,  When looking back on your life of 82 1/2 years exactly, it was full and fulfilling, not sure how you did it all.  You are the last in your family of five children and that can be attributed to your strong will.  

You worked full time, kept books for the ranch, and even went out to help move bees houses after cooking dinner and washing our clothes. You were and amazing mom, thank you for showing us that it is possible and doable with finesse and grace.

Remember when you played first base on the Brink's Wheaties softball team. 

You were great.  Remember when you put a gold painted box in the fire place and accidentally closed the damper and filled the house with smoke (totally).

I bet your thinking of much better times, maybe like when all of us kids were born, four of us in total.  Or perhaps your thinking of the day you married dad, December 19, 1953.

We think that by-chance meeting at the movie theater lasting for 64 years is not too bad.  How about when you worked for Health and Welfare in the old hospital on the other side of the tracks (ha ha).

 Our thoughts also go to your 34 years of working for the Feds (your agency changed names so often we named it the Feds for short). You were always so busy, besides work you participated in many service type clubs such as 4-H, Cowbells, church service, and  serving meals at the Senior Center.  

Remember way back when you had a job reading water meters, having to take a mop to get the cobwebs out of box before climbing down in the box the read the numbers (creepy).  

What about the time we put our big red cocker spaniel in the tub for a bath and after he was sopping wet we couldn't get him out.  We thought that was so funny, but dad was not quite as humored by this as we were.  

Quilting and hand embroidery were also prominent pass times for you.  You have given many of your projects to family members and friends as gifts and will provoke loving memories for years to come.

But some of your greatest joys seems to have been the numerous snowmobile, deer hunting, and fishing trips you and dad enjoyed.  The beauty, fresh air and scenic views can easily explain your love for those sports.

You died with the utmost dignity and with so many hands lifting you to heaven that the angels hardly had to flutter a wing to bring you home.

 A big shout out to her new family at Fernley Estates Memory Care.  Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years, we love you.

 Mom wished that in lieu of flowers please donate to the Lovelock Senior Citizens Center where she served and enjoyed.  

Funeral services will be held on Sat. Feb. 2nd at 1030 am at the LDS Church in Lovelock under the direction of Smith Family Funeral Home in Fallon.