On September 20, HCSO arrested Craig Garfield, age 31, on a failure to appear warrant. 

    Bail $1,975. 

On September 20, HCSO arrested Anthony McKinney, age 27, on felony failure to appear. 

            No bail. 

On September 21, HCSO arrested Lisa Ross, age 35, on failure to appear traffic citations. 

Bail $1,490 cash only.

On September 21, WPD arrested Kelvin Littrell, age 22, on felony auto burglary and misdemeanor resist obstruct. 

 Bail $6,140

On September 22, HCSO arrested Jeffrey Ned Carter, age 50, on driving under the influence, open container and stop/stand/park in a roadway.                 Bail $1,450. 

On September 23, HCSO arrested Kendrick Bernal Sam, age 32, on misdemeanor trespass. 

      Bail $195. 

On September 23, WPD arrested Marley T. Ostolasa-Perkins, age 19, on misdemeanor other jurisdiction warrant. 

Bail $610 cash only. 

On September 24, WPD arrested Trayvian McDaniel, age 18, on misdemeanor driving without a valid driver’s license. 

     Bail $195. 

On September 24, HCSO arrested Christopher Hubbard, age 19, on misdemeanor minor consuming alcohol and open container. 

                              Bail $445. 

*No Photo Available*

On September 25, WPD arrested a juvenile on gross misdemeanor unlawful taking of a vehicle. 

Bail not applicable. 

On September 25, HCSO arrested Jesus Castaneda, age 50, on misdemeanor failure to appear. 

                      Bail $1,815 cash. 

.On September 25, NHP arrested Julian Evander Bolden, age 28, on failure to appear. 

Bail $408.

On September 25, NHP arrested Damarkus Lee Lestrick, age 27, on failure to appear. 

      Bail $585. 

On September 27, WPD arrested Evelyn Mae Polston, age 20, on felony failure to appear warrant, misdemeanor failure to appear warrant, resist/obstruct and false information. No bail. 

On September 27, WPD arrested Troy Jock,age 26, on misdemeanor driving on a suspended license. 

  Bail $355. 

On September 27, HCSO arrested Rafael Chavez, age 41, on a failure to appear warrant. 

     Bail $750. 

On Seeptember 29, HCSO arrested Daniel Christopher Crocker, age 47, on a failure to appear bench warrant. 

    Bail $335. 

On September 30, NHP arrested Gustavo M. Carrillo, age 54, on basic speed 21-30 over, other jurisdiction warrant, suspended license and concealed weapon without a permit. 

                            Bail $3,915.