Hawk Riverz Urban, age 22, was ordered to complete a six-month regimental discipline boot camp program as part of a diversion program to avoid a category B felony. Urban pleaded guilty to felony battery by prisoner upon a peace officer. 

Urban was originally arrested on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge and later charged with two counts felony battery by prisoner upon a police officer after he struck and kicked two deputies while in custody. 

Urban faced up to six years in prison for the amended battery charge for which he pleaded guilty, with eligibility for probation and the possibility of being ordered to pay restitution to any victims in the matter. 

Alternate Public Defender Maureen McQuillan said that Urban was intoxicated at the time of the incident and had no recollection of the incident at the jail. She said her client has been found to have a severe alcohol problem and would like the opportunity for treatment. 

The regimental discipline program was requested by Urban and also recommended by the department of parole and probation. Deputy District Attorney Max Stovall also said the regimental discipline program would be appropriate and agreed with the recommendation. 

Urban gave a brief statement to the court and apologized for the incident. 

“I don’t recall the events that happened but I’m very sorry about what did happen and if I am given the opportunity to do the program, I got my MSHA and OSHA and I’m a certified flagger,” said Urban. “I wouldn’t be able to get a job anywhere with a felony and I really want to get out and work and do good.” 

Urban is reported to have first started drinking at the age of 15, becoming a regular drinker at age 20 and stated that he believes alcohol is problematic for him. 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero said he’s seen this unique type of sentence recommendation recently and appreciates having a way to try to creatively solve a problem and hopefully prevent a defendant from re-offending rather than just sending him to jail or prison. 

Urban was ordered to complete a six-month regimental discipline boot camp program as part of a diversion program with the opportunity to avoid a felony conviction. Upon either successful completion of or removal from the program, Urban will return to court to determine his continued terms of probation and diversion if any. 

Urban was ordered to pay a $150 DNA collection fee, $25 administrative assessment, $250 public defender fee, $100 assessment reimbursement and $20 restitution.