Jose Barajas was ordered a 19-48 month suspended prison sentence on a category D felony possession of a controlled substance for sale charge in a recent Sixth Judicial District Court hearing. A felony failure to appear after admission to bail charge was dismissed pursuant to plea negotiations. 

The prison sentence was suspended on the condition Barajas complete 36 months of formal probation. The formal probation advises Barajas to abstain from all alcohol or drugs and that he apply to an adult drug court program in Utah and successfully complete the program if successful. 

Barajas, who is 20 years old, said he has a young child who he wants to be a successful role model for rather than leaving him to face the world alone. He asked the court to give him the chance to successfully complete probation rather than going to prison. 

Barajas was originally arrested in Humboldt County transporting 10 pounds of marijuana from Sacramento to Salt Lake City and has spent seven months in the Humboldt County Detention Center. The state asked the court to impose a prison 12-48 month prison sentence without a sentence suspension or probation. 

Sixth Judicial District Court Judge Michael Montero ordered Barajas to pay a $153 DNA collection and analysis fee, $25 administrative fee, $60 forensic fee and $250 public defender fee. 

Barajas was sentenced to 19-48 months in prison with credit for time served of 219 days. The prison sentence was suspended and Barajas was placed on formal probation for 36 months with several special conditions to adhere to. 

“I’m hoping this will give you some incentive in your life,” said Montero.