The Pershing County 11th Judicial Court met on Monday, Oct. 4. A representative from the Division of Parole and Probation, Marni Poole, participated by telephone.

Christian Valentin Rico, 23, faced sentencing for home invasion. The incident occurred on March 22, 2021. Steve Cochran and Todd Banks recommended a decrease from a Category B felony to a gross misdemeanor if Rico complies with the conditions of his probation. 

A few of the conditions include getting a substance abuse evaluation, random urinalysis and abstaining from alcohol, marijuana and controlled substances. Rico has 90 days to pay $178 in court fees.

“It appears alcohol was a primary motivating factor in this,” said Judge Jim Shirley.

“I’m sorry. I was wrong. I want to move on and do things better,” Rico told the judge before sentencing.

The victim of the home invasion subsequently moved to southern Calif. They do not want to return to Lovelock or engage in the process of giving an impact statement, according to DDA Banks. There is no restitution.

Cochran said the defendant went to the park after a family argument. Alcohol played a role in Rico’s decision to enter the victim’s house to get warm, he added.

The defense attorney said that since his arrest, Rico has stayed sober, worked more regularly and achieved better family relationships. He has also participated in pretrial services for the past six months.

The judge accepted the joint recommendation. He sentenced Rico to two to five years in prison, suspended, with three years of probation.

Elizabeth Hill, of the Winnemucca Department of Parole and Probation, came to court to ask the judge to dishonorably discharge Terrell Grant Callao from probation. The defendant failed to appear for the hearing. 

A dishonorable discharge serves as a red flag to future sentencing judges, if any, and decreases the likelihood of leniency. The judge granted Hill’s request.

The attorneys asked the court to continue Brice Henry Hughes's hearing until Oct. 18, the next law and motion day. Hughes faces allegations of possessing a controlled substance on Sept. 13, 2021 in Lovelock. A global resolution is pending. 

The judge agreed. After the hearing, Hughes returned to the custody of the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office. 

Jeannette Irene Chamberlain, of Wyoming, attended her probation violation hearing by telephone. She admits to some of the alleged violations but denies others. The judge set the matter for an evidentiary hearing. 

Chamberlain must physically appear in court that day. The attorneys will coordinate with Wyoming to set up the hearing.

Lisa Ann Story, 47, of Grass Valley, failed to appear for her arraignment for allegedly possessing a controlled substance and a hypodermic device in Lovelock on Jul. 26, 2021. The parties discussed whether to issue a bench warrant. Cochran explained that transportation is part of the problem.

The judge continued the hearing until Nov. 18, but said he’ll issue a bench warrant if Story does not show up that day. The court set the hearing later in the day to help make transportation less of an obstacle.