Robyn Dunkhorst
Robyn Dunkhorst
Robyn Dunkhorst, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Humboldt General Hospital, has been recognized as one of the leading rural hospital CEOs in the United States and the only one from Nevada to receive such recognition. 

The announcement appeared in Becker Hospital Review, a major health care and hospital executives trade journal published by the Chicago-headquartered, Becker’s Healthcare Company. Dunckhorst was included on a list of 80 CEOs that was developed to highlight top executives from rural hospitals across the U.S. 

Dunckhorst’s commendation reads: “Robyn Dunckhorst. CEO of Humboldt General Hospital (Winnemucca). 

As the sole direct employee of the Board of Trustees, Ms. Dunckhorst implements policies directed by the Board. She recommends financial, legislative and administrative initiatives to maintain and enhance existing service lines and the addition of new lines. 

She coordinates staff concerns and recommendations with the Board and handles disciplinary matters subject to employees’ rights to appeal to the board. 

She was recently invited to appear before a group of Nevada legislators to discuss and recommend actions for issues of concern being considered in the upcoming, biennial legislative session.”

According to the article that appeared in the February 12, 2023, edition of Becker Hospital Review, rural hospitals are critical to the success of the U.S. healthcare system to expand access to care in remote areas. CEOs at the helm of these important community institutions have many responsibilities to make sure their hospitals thrive. 

The 80 executives featured on the national list have put their heart and soul into ensuring their communities have access to the best healthcare services possible. 

While rural hospitals across the country have faced closure in recent years, these leaders have developed a model for not only surviving, but thriving.