Lander County’s staff was trained on how to protect county buildings and administer the antimicrobial solution and apply the Steam & Shield method from President Sandy Watkins (US Air Force Veteran) of Cleaner Solutions International, LLC. who was in  Lander County on Monday, May 12.

In conjunction with President Lorraine Yarde of Sliver State Sanitization and Madonna Long with Summit Services. Long is a longtime resident of Lander County. She introduced the system to Lander County.

Those who participated in the training at Lander County were Anna Penola, Glen Duvall and Mattie Camacho de Hays on this data proven method to combat all pathogens including the Corona family viruses.

Lander County is the first county in Nevada to use this method to help to sanitize their facilities with a proven continuous kill. This product is used in NASA space suits and has been a natural determent for many years.

The machines used Blue Evolution S+ 3-in-1 Steamer, cleaner and vacuum (EPA# 911330-TX-001).

As discussed, this steam machine will also kill pathogens on contact, clean the surface and vacuum-up and collect the wastewater in a patented UV tank up, which serves as a further sanitization vessel, killing any pathogens remaining in the wastewater. Also the Cimex Conventional Steam Cleaner which is the system to dispense the antimicrobial solution to form a shield on surfaces.

The benefit of both machines is that they are lightweight, compact and can easily be transported and used into tight quarters.  In conclusion, the use of these products and solutions to clean all vulnerable areas, can provide safe virus, bacteria, and germ-free environments across the board and peace of mind for any community. This machine is also NSF certified for use on food preparation surfaces.

The dry-vapor steamer can be used on all surfaces and has been designed specifically for, and independently tested and proven to, instantly kill 99.99% of infectious viruses, bacteria and germs, on contact. These machines are presently in use by prestigious hospitals and organizations, such as Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Transportation Authorities (New York subway – MTA), Universities (University of South Carolina, Emory University), Automotive (Kia Motors) and many others with excellent outcomes.  

For clarification, the first part of the solution involves the use of the super-heated, dry-vapor steamer (The Eradicator - EPA# 89947-ITA-1) which-in-of-itself has been independently proven to kill corona family viruses.

The steamer is used to apply an all-natural, non-toxic antimicrobial solution to surfaces.  This process provides an effective, comprehensive, eco-friendly method to kill all known pathogens on contact, assuring treated surfaces are 99.99% disinfected. (These machines are being used in the NYC subway system).