The annual Battle Mountain Oberenak Winterfest was held on Jan 18, at the Civic Center.
The evening started with a bread auction with sheepherder bread made by Jodi Moore, Shirley Shepherd and Joe Obieta and Tony Moore auctioned six loaves of bread with the help of Basque Club Dancers.
Thank you to the following bread buyers — Randy Artz, Iturriaga Family, Steve Wilcox, Matt Wilcox, Frank Sullivan, who donated his back Jose Lomeli, Wayne Nebeker.
A metal Laburu sign donated by Farmers Insurance (Jodi Moore) and was auctioned and purchased by Jerry and Kathy Annis. The Frankie Iturriaga memorial basket put together by Frankie’s children Asier and Patxie was auctioned off and purchased by Aitor Narvaiza.
Angie Shirley donated a beautiful hope chest filled with donated goodies and the dancers sold tickets it was raffled and Kathy Kinkade won it. A dinner prepared by the Basque Club was served to include soup, salad, beans, spaghetti, steak, green beans, rice pudding or ice cream. Dinner was served to 250 people.
Thank you to our steak grillers  Gino Idarraga, Jose Obieta, Shane Lenz, Paul Ramsdell and Rod Smith and Tom Kovis. Rita Rogers made our soup and green beans and spaghetti. Bernie Lenz provided the Basque beans and dressing and rice pudding was made by Shirley Shepherd, Jodi Moore, Mary Bengoa, Rosa Villanueva, Maria Narvaiza, and Jesusa Iturriaga, Uliana Fagg and Kira Smith.
After dinner, our dancers performed starting with the mini group followed by the intermediate group and then the older dancers. This performance was followed by dances by Uliana Fagg and Kira Smith. The finale was our alumni dancers coming back and performing for the audience. It was a magnificent night and shout out to the dancers and dance instructors Shirley Shepherd, Megan Hernandez, and Maite Kovis with help from Uliana Fagg and Jade Smith.
The proceeds from this event will enable our older dancers to attend Jaialdi 2020 in Boise. Our dancers will need costumes and rooms. 
Thank you to all the members that made this evening possible it is a joint effort and is only a success because we all come together. We need a special thank you to Judy Dahl who sews, washes, and makes sure our costumes are ready for each event.