Anneliese, along with me and the rest of the world, was watching as Lee Harvey Oswald was brought to the basement of the Dallas police department for transfer to the County jail.

She was mesmerized to see her boss, Jack Ruby, come out of the crowd and rush up to Oswald  Jack had a pistol, and he got within inches of Oswald before pulling the trigger. The sight of the pain as the bullet tore into Oswald's cheat was seen around the world. Anneliese knew her time at the Carousel Club was finished. She and the other girls would be job hunting.

She was distraught, and couldn't understand why Jack would do such a thing. The F.B.I. interviewed all of them, but had only questions, and no answers to their many questions. She got a new job at another club, and worked there until she retired in the early 1970's. Then came the phone call to me, and we soon became great friends. She had just bought a little house in near East Dallas, and it needed a lot of work to make it fit the worlds smallest woman. By the time I finished the work, we were best buddies.

I was enamored with her life's story. Her childhood living on the edge of Berlin, the rise of Hitler, a war that started years before Pearl Harbor, the many parades Hitler had just to showcase himself, her mother who was ashamed of her, and kept her out of sight as much as possible. Telling me of all her travels and adventures with the German circus. She met Royalty, when they performed in London. England's Tiny Tim was much smaller than her. 

Anneliese loved to reminisce and talk of her life's story, and I was a willing listener. In the years to come, we spent hundreds of hours, her talking, me listening. 

When she first met my son Robert, he was thirty months old, and they stood eyeball to eyeball. She was delighted to be with someone her size, Living in a world of giants must have been hard. She and Robert were buddies for many years. When Robert was six years old, he towered over her. One day she walked up to him, looked up and said, “My goodness, Robert, you are all grown up.'

Whenever we took Anneliese places in the car, she stood up in the car seat That's the only was she could see out of the car. She would put the seat belt on, but standing up. The few police officers that witnessed that just shook their heads and smiled.

Anneliese started getting senile, and she went downhill fast. It was months, not years, that she changed totally. Gone was her smile and wit and laughter. She lashed out in anger at friend and foe alike. It was pitiful how the sweet lady had changed. Her friends stopped visiting her. One lady, whom she paid for everything she did, was her only visitor. The lady was there for the money only.

In 1986 I retired from Dallas Power and Light company, and moved to Linden. A few months later I was in Dallas, and went to visit Anneliese. She had moved. The new owner gave me her new address. It as located in far east Dallas. 

I went there, she would not answer the door. The man next door talked to me. He said the only person she would open the door for was her paid servant lady. The next time I went there, the man next door said she had died recently. A sad ending to a beautiful life.

When I think of Anneliese, the Circus Queen, I visualize her strutting around the circus, all thirty five pounds of her, smiling, happy, billed as the worlds smallest woman. She was a living doll. I miss her.

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