During the Dirty Thirties, when the Bale family was living in West Texas, we had daily contact with the illegals from south of the border. 

They were working alongside us in the Texas cotton fields. All cotton was picked by hand. When the farmers cotton crop was ready to be picked, the faster it could be picked the better. One heavy rain damaged the cotton drastically. If there happened to be hail damage, the crop was almost worthless. The flood of workers coming into our country illegally was a welcome sight. The government officials pretended not to see. The farmers in the southern States from California to Florida anxiously awaited their annual arrival. 

The Mexican workers were hard working and law abiding and mostly honest folks. They would appear when the crop was ready to harvest, stay until it was harvested, then go back home until next years crops needed them. It was a win, win situation on both sides of the border.

The American farmers loved it, and you know the Mexicans did. Everyone was paid the same, a penny for each pound of cotton picked and weighed in at the scale. (I have one of the cotton sack scales hanging on my wall, as a reminder)  

In recent years the system has gotten totally corrupt. Because of corruption both in America and Mexico. 

The Green Card system allowed all the farm workers needed to come legally to harvest crops. But there was millions of hungry people south of the border that wanted to come to America for work, any job they could get. And Big Business happily accommodated them. BB (Big Business) loved paying them sub-par wages, with no benefits. 

No taxes paid on the wages earned. No Social Security tax collected, nor BB matching S.S. tax they are required by law to collect and pay.  No on the  job injury insurance paid. They were breaking laws for pure greed, and every crooked president and Congressman. since the practice began knew about it, and did nothing to stop it. Save one. My hero, President Dwight David Eisenhower, WW2 Army vet.

President Eisenhower did not go after the illegals, he started fining, daily, every company that was illegally giving jobs to illegals. 

No jobs, no reason to illegally stay here.  There was a huge traffic jam for the southern border you wouldn't believe. In a few weeks time, every World War Two veteran had work. They couldn't find jobs because the illegals had them. You don't believe me, do you? Then Google "Operation Wetback," and read all about it. 

Man, I'm on a roll. Hope the Editor don't pull the plug before I wind down.

Trump is right when he accuses Mexico of being unfair to us in every way, trade, illegal border crossings, etc. But like China, they did only what we allowed them to do. I know one of our illustrious United States Senators from Texas who has done nothing in his entire career to help enforce our existing border control laws.

One day I herd him say on TV, we need new border laws. I whizzed off an email to him, saying, Sir, we have good laws that are not being enforced. What have you done, personally, to see that our existing border laws are being enforced? I'll give you forty guesses his answer. No answer, as I expected. Not a peep. 

Mexico is still stinging from losing the battle at San Jacinto. In 1836, a handful of Texans fought the Mexican Army.led by General and President of Mexico, Santa Anna. He  and his sleepy headed Army was caught asleep by the Texans. The battle lasted eighteen whole minutes. Instead of fighting, Santa Anna ran and hid, posing as a soldier. He was discovered next day, and surrendered. To effect his and his men's release, he signed a truce, giving all the land north of the Rio Grande river to the Texans. Mexico would like to have Texas back. They feel like we stole it from them. We almost did, fighting only an eighteen minute battle in winning Texas independence from Mexico.

Trump is willing to spend many Billions of our money, not his nor Mexico's, to build a wall that any healthy Mexican can dig under in a few hours time.

Yet, like every president since Eisenhower, he cowers down to BB and lets them import illegals for pure profit and greed, while spending Smintillions on  "border control."  that's not working. You wanna fix the border control problem? Elect me, and I will fix it, unless the crooks that are profiting from illegal workers assassinate me first. 

  Folk's, we did it to ourselves. I guess China, Russia, North Korea, and Mexico, are just smarter than we are. Our present day predicament proves it. We have met the enemy, and it is us. Drats.