I don’t normally quote Alice Cooper. In fact, I never have! But according to my girls he got it all wrong wasting time writing a song titled School’s Out For Summer. The mood around my house is School’s About to Be Out for Spring Break.

My wife is a school teacher and my youngest helps at the school and goes to college. But let me tell one little story which may help explain their excitement.

One year they had a shake-up at school and had lost a few teachers. Since Katy is experienced and can teach multiple grades the principle asked Katy if she’d mind teaching Kindergarten that year since some of the other teachers were somewhat pigeonholed in a certain grade. Katy is a team player and said sure.

The first day she came home and we’d barely eaten dinner and she’d finished dishes and said let’s go to bed. 

I don’t want to exaggerate and say that the sun was still at high noon but there were still a few hours of daylight left.

I looked at her and said dang Katy, this is like being married to my grandmom. She gave me a scowl and muttered something derogatory about my husband sympathy skills. In 30 minutes, she came in the office and grabbed my hand and said let’s go to bed sucker. I don’t remember exactly what time it was but it couldn’t have hardly been 8:00. I figured it might not be wise to argue this time so we went to bed.

THEN, one day I was going out of town for a few weeks and circled by to kiss her bye. 

Oh my gosh, you talk about a roomful of little live wires! They were wired for sound. No wonder she came home every day worn out. Katy is the best that I’ve ever seen with kids and pours her heart into teaching. Maybe I should baby her a little more?

So, with the above said, Spring Break is around the corner and you don’t want your kids to come home and be cooped up. 

So, what’s some fun things to do with your kids for Spring Break? Or if you’re an aunt or uncle to some little live wires, or even older kids you could make some memories with your nieces and nephews.

Let’s list out some fun outdoor activities that you could take the kids on.


A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on snowshoeing. There’s still plenty of snow for a good snowshoe trip. If you plan on snowshoeing much you can buy a pair of Northern Lite Snowshoes pretty cheap. 

Or some places rent them out. I remember a couple of years ago Katy and I stayed in Baker City at the Geiser Grand Hotel and they rented them out.

You could just go for a day of snowshoeing or you could make it a combination coyote hunt. Take your rifle along and a Fox Pro call or a hand call and a Montana Decoy. Coyotes are hungry now after a long winter and you should be able to call one in.

If you have small kids take a sled. Kids love to be pulled in a sled or taken up in the hills and slide down them. Of course, on either option take a coffee pot, water and cups and make some hot chocolate.


Who knows how thick the ice will be down low by the time spring break rolls around but it should still be fine up high. 

If you go to Cascade stop by Tackle Tom’s to get an ice report and where to fish. If you haven’t ice fished much remember, fish move a little slower in cold water so jig a little slower. 

Also tip off your jig with a scent bait like Pautzke Crappie Fireballs or Proline Scents.

If you have a tent heater, take it so the little buggers can stay warm. 

Also, some hand warmers. And again, some hot chocolate and good snacks. You want it to be a fun day for them.



Even though we usually associate April or May as being the primo whistle pig hunting season, I’ve had some good hunts in March when it was still pretty chilly and windy. 

So don’t count out this option even though it can be hit or miss.


Everyone loves plinking. You can go all out or go low key and take a bagful of tin cans or water bottles filled with water. Usually if you have a lot of small kids, you’re on a tight budget but no problem. 

Get an Umarex pellet gun, a couple of tins of pellets and let them blast cans to their hearts content.

There are also a plethora of airgun targets on the market that kids love shooting. Flippers, spinners and on and on the list goes.


I can’t believe I forgot this one, Katy thought of it. Go shed hunting. Not only is it fun but you can sell them and make some money. Look in areas where you’ve seen deer and elk wintering. According to where you go but it may still be a little too early


This is another one that Katy suggested. Grab the bikes and hit the Greenbelt. 


Katy also suggested visiting Malad Gorge. It’s beautiful.


If you don’t own a snowmobile or a fourwheeler don’t panic, you can rent one. As I’m typing this article there may be too much snow to go fourwheeling which means you’ll have enough for snowmobiling.

So, as we close, don’t set around with a house full of stir-crazy kids. Take them outdoors and burn up some of that nervous energy while at the same time making some fun family memories. Have fun.

Tom Claycomb is a hunting enthusiast and writes a bi-monthly column for Great Basin Sun