It can be hard to Christmas shop for a lot of people but if they’re an outdoorsman, it’s a piece of cake.

But you do have to do a little research or you might as well throw rocks at them. Us outdoorsmen love our gear and it can range in price from $1.00 on up to $40,000.

If you take your time and shop wisely you can really impress them and not really have to spend that much. And, if you buy something that they use everyday, then they’ll think of you everytime they use it.

But….it does have to be the specific item or you will bomb out. 

So how do you determine which item? Duh, ask them. They’ll need/want a million items so have them give you a list.

Then it will still be a surprise as to what they get. Or, get them a gift certificate at their favorite outdoor store. 

That way they can buy exactly what they want and they’ll really appreciate it.

I’ve got to test a lot of product over 2018 so I’ll list out some of the cool items that tested out well for me.

• Riton Optics Mod 5 4-16x scope

• Benjamin Steel Eagle pellet gun

• Camp Chef backpacking stove

• G Loomis flyrod.

• Diamond Blade The Summit knife

• Diamond Blade Pinnacle II knife

• Smith’s 6” fine diamond stone or 8” Diamond Tri-hone

• Maps. Find out where they like to hunt/fish/hike/mushroom hunt and order them a MyTopoMaps.

• Lodge Dutch ovens. Check out their new Cook-It-All model

• Brownell’s Magna-Tip Adjustable Torque Wrench for mounting scopes

• Spyderco Bill Moran knife

• Handy Man jack for their truck.

• Axe

• Hi Mtn. Seasoning to make jerky & sausage

• CRKT Bird n Trout knife

• Boots-I wear Irish Setter. Check out their Traveler, Drifter, Borderland and Vapr Trek models.

• Big Game Decoys. Check out the selection from Montana Decoys

• AMMO, this gift will be super selective. Find out what caliber, exactly what gr. of bullet etc. etc. I use a lot of Hornady & Aquila ammo.

• Vacuum machine. I use a Caso. 

• GUN CLEANING SUPPLIES, Check out the selection from Otis. I use their patches, solvents and Gun Cleaning Station.

• GCI cooking station

• Camp Chef 4 pc. Cook Set

• Camping Cook books. “In The Wild Chef” by Steve Weston or Randy King’s “Chef in the Wild”

• Base layers. Check out what Carhartt has to offer.

• Book-“How to Stay Alive by Bear Grylls. I’ve just started reading it.

• Trail camera. I’m not sure which ones to recommend.

• yeti is out, Cordova Coolers are in.

• GUN CASES, check out International Supplies

• Boresites, check out Sight Mark

• Sleeping bags, pads and tents. Check out Alps Mountaineering.

• Ear protection. Check out Silynx’s Clarus Pro, hearing enhanced system which is Bluetooth compatible.

• BONUS GIFT Mossberg Patriot Revere. Nice rifle for the money and has a walnut stock.

• Binoculars, check out Riton Optics 10x42. That’s what I use.


This is where you can really rack up and get multiple items cheap.

• Mister Twister crappie tube jigs

• Mister Twister Crappie jig heads.

• Aquila .22 ammo

• Flies, check out

• Can of Crosman pellets

• Quaker Boy calls. They offer all manner of hand calls and reeds.  

•Browning Hiking Socks. 

• Birchwood Casey splattering targets. Kids really like these.

• Waterproof matches

• First aid gear. Check out Adventure Medical Kit

• Water filtration systems. Check out Aquamira

• Bowhunter? Check out Wasp broadheads.

• Flashlite or head lamps

• Lenses rag to clean optics (And lenses spray)

• Fun item. Coldstone throwing knives

• Here’s a unique thought, what if you hung up a backpack instead of a stocking? Check out the Alps Mountaineering packs.

• Amazon Kindle, ha, of course they’d like my KNIFE SHARPENING, SURVIVAL TIPS FOR THE OUTDOORSMAN or COOKING DEER MEAT books.

Tom Claycomb is an outdoor enthusiast and writes a monthly column for the Humboldt Sun.