We have gone a long time without rain again here in this high desert land of hills and canyons. 

Hot gusty winds are blowing through this town with great force off and on these days. Spring so quickly changed to summer. 

The desert sun bakes the dry ground and pavement on into the late afternoon. Clouds of dust and bouncing tumbleweeds can be seen traveling on down Main Street.

I saw a thunderstorm in the distance a few days ago. It’s dark ominous shape advanced from the southern horizon. I was sure the winds would bring it on to us. 

Rain. Great quantities of wet soft beautiful rain, I thought. Ever so welcome rain to wash, cleanse and cool our dry parched world. Rain to bless, refresh and renew us. 

But it was not to be. The storm veered off and went another direction leaving us high and dry in the desert heat.

It is July first already and this hot summer weather will be with us for two or three months more. 

I stay indoors more often now. My body is no match for this extreme heat. But I drive up the hills before the early morning break of day to watch the miracle of a new day dawning.

The air is fresh and cool in this early hour. Bunny tail rabbits can be seen scampering across the dirt road to quickly vanish into the desert brush. 

An occasional brown deer can be spotted on the hillside. It’s always a pleasant experience to watch it’s smooth, graceful motion. I marvel at its beauty. I couldn’t even think of shooting one of those magnificent, innocent beasts.

But my dog Woofie always has a great thrill when he spots one and gives chase. You can hear him wuf with excitement as the fleet footed deer bounces away up and over the hill.

It’s the chase I suppose my canine likes so much. He has never caught a deer or jackrabbit yet. but he quite often comes back to me with a large deer bone in his mouth. He is very proud and happy with his find. “Look what I got. Look at what I got!”

He will not let me have the bone. He drags it off to find a good spot in the sand, digs a hole and buries it. 

I’ve watched him do it many times from a distance. As the bone is securely placed in the ground, then he uses his nose as a shovel to cover it up. He so often comes trotting back to me with a dirty nose and a satisfied doggy smile.

We have our favorite lookout spot on the very top of the hill. This is where we rest and view our scenic surroundings. 

Most of the human world is still sleeping. I want to yell out “Hello. Hello. Wake up all you sleepy heads. You’re missing the best part of this brand new day”.

But my first “Hello” bounces off down the canyon with no response coming back to me. There’s not even an echo.

All is ever so still and calm as the night’s darkness turns to grey. The sky to the east changes to a clear baby blue. It doesn’t take long before the bright golden sun pops right up over the distant ridge. 

It’s like turning on a light switch. Brightness, radiating sun rays; all the landscape and the wide world below come into sharp, vivid focus. The hillside becomes alive again with this new wonderful day.

I give Woofie a drink of water and a couple of treats. Then we head back down. 

It was a good run

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