Recently in the Humboldt Sun the School District had a detailed article that it was time to register 3-year-olds for Pre-K.

It stated the importance of “learning and growing and getting ready for the rest of their years of school and life.” We were so looking forward to all the benefits Pre-K provides.

We now find out there are three requirements to qualify for first entry —

1. Must speak a foreign language, i.e. Spanish, French, etc. Speak English and one does not qualify.

2. Must be mentally challenged.

3. Must be poverty income.

Those without these above issues will only be considered if there is room in Pre-K which is unlikely for all the 3-year-olds in Winnemucca.

The article did not publish this discriminating information and for whatever reason kept it secret!

Many think this Pre-K program should be shut down unless all 3-year-olds with tax paying families can be treated equally to the advantages of attending Pre-K.

Dee Halandae