People have told me I have an unusual relationship with our five year-old cat Precious. My wife and I got her from a friend several weeks after she was born and we both yearn for her affection, but Precious has a very different idea of what that means for each of us. 

Precious will jump up on the recliner and sit for hours at a time with my wife and she will also sleep at HER feet on the bed occasionally. I, of course, do not get any of this type of love from Precious, but we have our bonding time daily, and that’s where the story gets weird.

For some reason Precious is preoccupied with my bathroom habits. Every time I walk down the hallway towards the bathroom, she follows after me to see if I’m going in there. If I’m not, she will go back to her nap, or meal,

or whatever she was doing. However, when I do go into the bathroom, the party gets started. 

Typically she is several steps behind me (she doesn’t want to seem too eager, right?). So, I push the door closed, because I don’t want her to think I’m too eager either, but I don’t latch it. She’s very adept at jumping up and pushing the door open, as most cats are, so that’s how we roll. Depending on whether I’m shaving, standing, sitting or showering, Precious has an answer for all of them.

If I’m shaving, she will jump up on the counter between me and the mirror and expect me to rub her back or head, purring loudly all the while. 

If I’m standing, she will come to my side of the counter and expect the same treatment with my free hand. The next two are my favorites, and I probably only do the first two to keep myself in her good graces so she will keep the second two coming.

Precious seems to like our sit down time together the best, as she will meow loudly next to the bowl, encouraging me to sit down and rub her belly. The meows keep coming if I don’t sit down immediately, as if to say, “Hey dude, remember me?” She likes to flop down on the floor once I begin petting her, exposing her belly to me, usually just far enough away that I can’t quite reach her. I will wave her closer, and eventually she will come back into range, but again, neither one of us wants to appear too eager to the other one.  

Precious is the only cat I have ever known to truly love water. When I get in the shower, she will jump up on the side of the tub, between the liner and the curtain, and peer around the end of the liner at me. Every once in a while she will get down in the tub with me, at the far end, out of the direct spray of the shower head. She likes to lick up the excess water on the bottom of the tub and enjoys the light mist of the shower on her fur. 

Of course I had to buy a clear shower liner when this became a regular occurrence for us. I enjoy being able to see her sitting on the edge of the tub and occasionally I will sing her a little song. 

Now the shower is over and it is time to towel off. As soon as the curtain is pulled back, the meows begin again. “Hey dude, I’m right here,” she seems to say. It’s not like I can forget she is there, this is a daily occurrence. So, I pet her some more as I towel off. She really has me wrapped around her paws. 

This happens every single day, numerous times per day, without fail. If I am going into the bathroom in my house, I am going to have company.

Maybe our co-dependent relationship is a little odd, but I wouldn’t trade my time with Precious for all the tea in China.

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