A few beers, a few laughs, friends, smiles, handshakes and hugs; it’s a joyful Saturday night.

After the bar you have dinner and go see a movie.

As the film progresses you are pulled from this world into a land of fantasy. You are awed by panoramic splashes of colorful landscape scenes. The show is made up of action, suspense, music and drama. It’s a simple enough straight-forward plot, with a few unexpected twists and turns thrown in here and there. But finally, all the bits and pieces of previous mini scenes begin to merge as one. The romance has developed, blossomed and reached the heights of it's glory.

At the movie's end it all fits together and makes sense. Maybe that's why they call it a picture. There is a happy satisfactory feeling of completion as the credits roll and the final tune slowly lingers on.

The curtain drops. The lights come up. The show is over. You head outside to the real solid world of here and now.

Well life, it seems to me, is made up of bits and pieces, (mini scenes), and there are millions of them; bits of a puzzle almost impossible to reconstruct, it would appear. But sometimes two or three pieces come together and mesh, and for a while there is gladness in your heart. Most other times they are scattered randomly helter-skelter everywhere. And it’s not just in space but in time also.

History books, in a way, are like the credits rolling at the movie's end. In the place of names of producer, director and cast, you have presidents, generals, enemy, business tycoons, national heroes and sex symbols. All the assorted historical pieces are combined, even if they don't fit or belong together very well.

All the scenes of human drama, trials, tribulations, tragedy and pain are bound in a who, what, when, and where form. Having compiled it in a more orderly, cohesive narrative. the author of the history book appears to make sense of it all. Recorded and sealed in a hard-bound book, it is placed on the shelf.

Obituaries, memorials and biographies are other examples of the movie's end and credits rolling. Facts, dates, major events and accomplishments are recorded. Positive intentions, noble characteristics and benefits rendered to family, community and mankind are highlighted.

The goodness of the man or woman and their untimely loss to all is respectfully mourned. A lifetime is recorded, sealed and wrapped up.

I myself sometimes feel like a hero character in a musical comedy. However, I've somehow been misplaced, and jumbled up in an assortment of altogether different movies.

My childhood experience in Ireland was like a mixture of Dickens, a Greek tragedy and the joyful Huckleberry Fin adventures of a boy growing up in a green enchanted land of song, fantasy and folklore.

The next scene in this movie opens with our hero as a teenager entering the heartless New York City in the dead of winter.

Then comes a scene of military service in the South in the sixties. That's a bitter and harsh view of coming to grips with force and violence and man's inhumanity to others labeled "enemy".

There are more scenes of summer days, travels, beaches and romance in California. This is followed by similar scenes but set in Hawaii.

Through it all I have endeavored to gather and combine pieces that fit so as to outline a complete picture. I have had fleeting momentary success in doing so.

It’s a quest, I imagine, that we are each embarked on. To see and understand the big picture; that would be like finding your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

But I think there really is a pot of gold. It’s there. It’s yours to find. And you can.

And as producer, director and star of your own movie you can also help write your own rolling credits.

Dan O'Connor Can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com.