When I was in school a long long time ago, we school kids had a lot to worry about. My concerns were the same as my classmates. “I'm starving. How long till lunch time? What games will we play at recess time? I hope the test ain't too hard. (Back then, you couldn't use “ain't”) How long before summer vacation starts? You think little Sally will be my girlfriend?” That was our serious worries and concerns way back then.

Fast forward a few generations to today. What worries and concerns do our school kids have today?

“Why is daddy and mom getting divorced? Why are my buddies doing drugs? Why are my classmates planning to get drunk tonight? Which door will the shooter come through, when he comes to murder us? Why doesn't the adults do all they can to protect us?”

Here is something that's being circulated on Facebook that we should give a lot of consideration and even try to live by. From Facebook:

• Children need a mother and a father who love each other and work together as a team.

• Children need a bicycle, neighbors, and cousins.

• Children need a grandma to bake with and a grandpa to take ‘em fishing.

• Children need a church, a Sunday School Class, and a truth telling Pastor.

• Children need a dinner time with home cooked food, prayer, and conversation.

• Children need Sunday afternoon football and fried chicken.

• Children need books on tape and coloring pages.

• Children need summers at the beach and bazooka bubble gum.

• Children need a trip to Arlington Cemetery and Fourth of July Fireworks.

• Children need fire pits, smores, ghost stories, the drive in, and real popcorn.

• Children need discipline from their parents.

• Children need chores, a job, a way to earn what they want.

• Children need education that recognizes mama and daddy as the authority, God as the creator, and the Bible as the road map.

We all could add a few more suggestions to that list. But the simple truth is, children are not getting from the adult world what they need for peace of mind in the school place. And our main weak link is our U.S. Congress, Just follow the money trail to ferret out the culprits. Then in November, send the Greedy ones home. And choose an honest and honorable replacement.

The reason there is no mandatory background check to buy a firearm is Money, and Greed. And dishonest politicians. Follow the money trail. Every Congressman that has taken money from the gun industry needs to go on home and live like a king on his retirement package.

There is a law for mandatory background checks to buy a firearm. The honest folks buy weapons that way. The dishonest and criminal minded people buys their weapons the Gun Industry way. They go to the Gun Show and buy everything they want, and do not have to even identify themselves. Just bring the cash, and lots of it, because Gun Show prices are way higher. So, our sorry Congress has made it easy for every criminal, every crazy who wants to mass murder our school kids, to “legally” buy all the firearms they want. Just bring lots of money, honey, because it’s all about Money, and Greed.

Since we adults won't buck the system and demand safety for our school kids, looks like the students are doing our job for us. I believe they can and will send those crooked politicians packing. Stay tuned. Watch the news. Go kids. You are our hope, our future, and it seems right now, our leaders.

• • •

Instead of the motto "Make America Great Again," it should be "Make America Honest and Honorable Again."

Roy Bale can be reached via email at roybalemail@yahoo.com.