The Second Amendment has been debated for two centuries so this is nothing new.

Regardless what Liberals try to re-imagine the original intent, the wording obviously means citizens have the right to possess arms. "The People" meant every able bodied man, not women, children or slaves. "Arms" refer to the standard small arms of the day, not artillery or land mines. In Colonial times it was flintlock muskets, same as Regular Army. Today it is the M-16/Ar15. In the future it may be laser ray guns. The idea is that citizens could stand up to the Regular Army. It had nothing to do with deer hunting.

 "Well Regulated" , in the language of the day, did not mean a lot of rules and structure. It meant "Well equipped".

 If Liberals want to repeal the Second Amendment just say so. Don't try to corrupt the Founding Father's intention.

 Butch Gordo