You do a great job on the outdoor fun stuff to do around here, but I did not find a notice that I asked once before for the quad groups and the dirt bike groups to slow down when coming through Kingston. 

They come off that hill down through the canyon at very high speeds and come right down Kingston Drive so fast and half the time do not even stop for the stop signs.Many of them are very rude to we, the Kingston residents. 

A group of quads riders came by once I was waving for them to slow down and one of them turned around, came back at even higher speed and drove straight at me in my driveway, and I have to walk with canes…very scary stuff. I have reported this several times to the Lander Sheriff and they still have no police protection here. Our speed limit in the whole town is 25 mph, I am really sick of these noisy disrespectful groups acting like this. we are a very small town and many of us would be just as happy if they would not come thru here. or find another route after they get some manners. 

Louise Luna