I have good news for you today boys and girls. Its that we each have our own individual universe. We each also have our own determinism, reality, thoughts, impressions, emotions, beliefs and dreams.

Of course there’s always a “but”. So on the other side of the coin, you might say, is the bad news. In order to include others in this world of yours, you need to modify, reduce, restrict and control your above realities and abilities.

In this world you need to agree with your boss that you are going to work and that he is going to pay you.

Likewise you must agree that you are going to produce widgets in the quantity and quality of his specifications. You are to show up for work at eight o clock Monday morning, Then you need to coordinate it so this coincides with eight AM Monday his time also.

A lot of time, effort and indoctrination is involved in this process of merging your world with the realities of others. But authorities in this world insist on it’s importance and that you get it down pat. It begins with what may seem like a dream sequence.

You see rainbows and leprechauns all in your daydreams

You see dragons and witches amid silver moonbeams

You see, for a while, in your early childhood, you hold on to your own personal magical universe. But then something comes along that they call kindergarten. They tell you its fun and exciting, that you’ll meet lots of new friends and make great wonderful discoveries.

But, to your dismay, you are thaught to sit still and not speak out of turn. You must curb your enthusiasm, creativity and spontaneous joy. They teach you strange stuff such as one plus one is two and a b c d e f g. It sounds nice as a song. 

You realize after a while that when you put c a and t together that it forms a word which symbolizes not only a picture of a little four legged furry creature with whiskers, but the creature itself.

An even bigger realization comes later when you discover that putting j o and e, or m a r and y together - They are trying to tell you that is you!

What an amazing concept, you think, that a few little squiggles should indicate a name. Even more so is that this name is to identify you. But then they jump to the fantastic conclusion that this name is you and you are this name!

But they never tell you who you were before you were assigned those few little squiggles.

Well we jump forward in time here about twenty years or so. Joe or Mary is well educated. Their dragons and leprechauns are long gone lost and forgotten. With a head full of knowledge containing algebra, calculus, regulations and rules of conduct, he or she is ready to face life as we know it.

Working within the government or going into military service would go along quite well with their above educational experience. Independent minded individuals are not needed in these fields. Well trained cooperative team members who can follow orders and implement policy are welcomed.

Some choose to continue and make a career in the education, indoctrination field. They sometimes get more little squiggles added after their names such as PHD.

The ones who go into the work- a-day world of business, manufacture, transport and such have to start all over and learn from the beginning how things operate in these fields.

Mary and Joe will usually marry, buy houses and have families. Their kids, when they arrive, will begin their lives with the sane fancy free, euphoric, adventures spirit as their parents did. Sadly, it too will last but for a while.

That’s how the cycle has been going boys and girls and will continue so, unless you decide otherwise. So why not follow your dreams? Can you transform them into reality in this world?  Don’t you think you’re more than mere squiggles?

Finally the cycle of a lifetime is complete. Mary and Joe both pass on. If they’re remains are put in boxes and buried in the ground, they are often marked by marble headstones. Many years later all that is left behind among the weeds and grass are the vital statistics etched in these blocks - Date of birth, death, RIP - Squiggles.

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com