Having reread the Desert Town Reflections Opinion by Dan O’Conner... 

I feel obligated to speak up for the heroic defense of the Ukrainian people against the KGB thug and murderer who attempts to pass himself off as the legitimate ruler of the Russian people. 

What Mr. O”Connor is espousing is none other than APPEASEMENT; i.e. “buying off by concessions,  usually at the sacrifice of principles.”  Appeasement did not work with Hitler in the 1930’s as he invaded and then devoured  country after country...nor will it work with Putin...the thug and murderer. 

His defining the start of the conflict as a border skirmish that escalated...is woefully short of the truth. Putin willfully and purposely invaded and ripped the Crimea from Ukraine and annexed it against international law...and wishes to reclaim all of Ukraine for himself and his  political oligarchs...I’m sorry that Dan has reconstructed history  here. 

Michael Dean