After speaking with Alicia, our city manager this morning, regarding our sewer issue, I have to say I am sorely disappointed in our city!  

I work very hard on a personal and professional level to continually look out for our little town.  A mistake made, clearly on the Cities end, by not tying our restaurant, Bakarra, into the main sewer line, has cost us nothing but problems, hassles, and potential health issues, not including loss of revenue for ourselves as the owners and, my number one concern, our employees.  

The fact our sewer has been running into the ground, and heaven only knows where, for the last two years, is very concerning.  Concerning for our neighbors and our community!  Where could it have all gone?  That is a question we should all be asking ourselves!  

This must be a health issue, this must be a potential EPA issue, a severe problem!  

According to Alicia, this is looked at as a backup issue and that a law was filed to never make the City of Winnemucca not responsible for their mistakes, there for we are entitled to one thousand dollars. 

This is not a small mistake; this is not just a sewer plugged up issue.  The city literally left us off the map and did not tie in our sewer line.  

We have had thousands of dollars’ worth of expenses over the last year or more!   It is so disappointing as a taxpayer, an advocate for our town and for those who help run it.  

I am always so proud of where I am from and that my family has been here for over one hundred years, but today, I am sad to say that I am not only disappointed, angry, and frustrated, but I am embarrassed that this is how my city is run and handles problems with their community and its members!  

Shame on our city for the way things are handled, shame on it for treating its hardworking and loyal citizens in such a manner.   

I am hoping that this can be resolved, because this is offensive and completely 100% in the wrong!


Jacy Jackson