E. Clampus Vitus Jesse Lee Post #1422 is a non-profit fraternal chapter giving service to Lovelock with members from Reno-Sparks, Lovelock and Winnemucca areas and has been traveling to Lovelock since 2016. 

This has become a wonderful annual tradition; the clampers have this long-standing custom of aiding others. 

The service they give is not a hand-out, but a hand-up. E. Clampus Vitus’ tradition of history and helping the community especially widows and orphans, chose this year to collect generous cash donations instead of their usual annual magnanimous col-lection of food.

The Clampers give of their time and effort to gather the food or the funds that helps others, be it setting up haunted houses at Halloween or hosting a widow dance in the spring between chapters or having a fun day in the summer for their chapter where they have a collection for food or funds. 

When they see a need, they jump in with their red and black attire and come up with an action plan, doing and not just talking about it. 

Jesse Lee Reno 1422, Re-no Forklift, Davidson’s Distillery, George & Pat Pimpl, and Jon Hauge all sent very generous contributions to the Lovelock Community Food Bank. We appreciate the efforts of this wonderful organization. 

Feeding the hungry is a task that requires a lot of individuals to help sustain the Lovelock Community’s food programs. 

From last weeks’ E. Vitus Clampers Jesse Lee Chapter #1422’s very generous financial donations in lieu of collected food drives to this weeks’ U.S.D.A. commodities distribution headed up by Penny Higby and her volunteers; Dave Johnson, Tony Stacey, Korie Snodgrass, Jeffrey Graham, Carmen Turillas, and Joe & Christina Guerrero. These regular commodity volunteers are always ready to assist in this distribution, without fail the third Tuesday of the month. In addition to the boxes of food handed out were a turkey or a cornish game hen or chicken. 

The cornish game hens, rice, carrots, and potatoes were donated by Polynesian Discoveries owner Misti Moepono and husband Chris. 

The remainder of the food box was filled out with staples as provided by the Nevada Department of Agriculture under the Commodities name. The commodities distribution has had about thirty families participating monthly. Yesterday that doubled to 63 families, 169 total of which probably two dozen were children, and 17 of those families were either new or had not been to the commodity program in a few months.

Geraldine Atkinson

Lovelock Community Food Bank